Do you have a dog you have to walk? I have a long walk, a quick walk, and an even quicker walk! But I dont skimp on the dog, cuz its not his fault I dont have time. I let something else get the cut.

Jason P.
What a great question. I do have a dog that doesn’t get walked. When we got him I was so excited to be a good dog owner and take him on his necessary daily walks but I didn’t have the patience to train him. I would get frustrated and end up yelling and heading right back home . Soon the walks ended. When we go hiking and he can be off leash we talk him because he is a good listener then but struggles on the leash. Other thing we do is take him to our two families who have several acres of property and dogs as well but that still doesn’t solve the problem of he needs daily walks. Maybe it’s time to try again. I’d like to walk him daily, especially because I usually take the baby for a walk and he just joins us outside after we have walked. I know he would
Like it and needs it.
Hanni A.
I borrow a dog daily, been happening for about a year, walk her 3 times a day, everyday!! She's my little princess.. And no I do not get paid, that feels the best. I work for food.
Ari N.
I do, but I’m currently stationed in Georgia and my dog is back home. I wake up pretty early to go for runs, so I bring her with me when I’m home. How small is your morning window to get everything done?