What exercise routine do you do?

Jessica P.
My usual go-to is yoga. It’s something I’ve always enjoyed and I love how I can feel the change in flexibility and endurance when I stick to it for longer than a few days at a time. I also love that I can do it at home, so I take away the “I don’t want to drive to the gym” excuse. If I don’t have the “energy” to do yoga, at the very least I try to go on a 20-30 minute walk with my dogs, unfortunately, that’s not always the case though. When I really have the time and plan for it advance, I love to go hiking. Usually I do a 4-7 mile hike, depending on which trail I choose. I love to try exercises that don’t feel like I’m working out. Something like rock climbing, or a dance class, but those usually take a bigger chunk of my day, and come with a price, so these are rare.
Haley Z.
most of the time whatever i feel like. it can be swimming, walking, zumba, dance, the treadmill , the workout machine, abs, legs, arms
Tammy F.
My dog and I wake up, drink water, eat breakfast, and take a slow stroll around our apartment complex. I hope to be able to walk closer to the trail nearby. But we're both starting small. When my energy increases I also hope to do more personal exercising indoors.
Eleut Rio F.
I mostly try to stretch before going to bed but beside that i would try to do some yoga. In these days of quarantine I am doing yoga with " yogawithadriene" channel on youtube. Also nike training club and nike run club apps are very useful for working out from home. No gym, no excuses
Eleni E.
I go for a run in the morning and then try to do something every hour to break up my work. Only something short i.e 10 air squats! Try to do shirt bitof yoga (10-15mins) once a day.
Jacob T.
I started out with a simple five minute yoga routine. I figure that if I can give myself just five minutes a day to develop the habit, eventually the practice will expand. It’s not enjoyable right now but over time I have a feeling I will learn to love it.
Olivia Z.
I do some yoga to stretch my muscle and wake me up then I walk or jog for a mile. Today is ab day so I do 30 crunches and reverse crunches, a 1 minute plank, 30 high knees, 30 jumping Jack's, 40 mountain climbers, 20 burpees and 15 bicycle crunches 🙂
Heather U.
I start by stretching, then I do at least three ab workouts (3 sets of 12-15 reps), then I do weights (4 sets of 12-15 reps) per exercise. These include dumbbell flies, standing dumbbell deadlifts, bicep curls, tricep extension, glute bridge, etc. I take 30s breaks between each set and it takes about an hour and a half. Then I finish with 10 minutes of cardio and more stretching!
Cynthia Z.
I do a happy dance party for 8-10min (3 songs) with my daughter in our kitchen. At the end, I do a nice stretch for a minute or two.
Jessica P.
I walk to work so that already gives me 20 minutes exercise everyday. Aside from that, I do a 7 minute exercise routine at my house and I stretch, also with the help of an app. I feel that all those things combined helped me to be more relaxed and focused but also sleep better and be more in tune with myself.
Nicoline Z.
The kind of exercise routine I prefer, is one that’s enjoyable, and fun to do. With Covid-19 happening I have been riding a bike, or kicking a soccer ball around. This is great for getting some cardio in and getting warmed up. I also recommend buying some simple workout equipment like, a pair of dumbbells, a skipping rope, and finally a resistance band. With these items you can accomplish a full body workout! For example, Bicep curls, overhead tricep extension, dumbbell chest press, squats, dumbbell upright rows, military press, calf raises, shoulder shrugs. That’s just with dumbbells, throw in a resistance band to make some of these exercises more difficult. The most important part is to keep it simple and enjoyable!
Orfeas F.
I do the two exercise programs that Fabulous offers for free on a daily basis, meaning the 7-minute exercise and the 5-minute core strengthening one!
Nellie Z.
I change it up by doing different 30 day or 14 day or 7 day challenges. It's not about getting the results promised but about committing and pulling through.
Work out for the long run, what you'll achieve in a year and creating a work out habit. You'll start to feel the changes before you see them and feeling fit is greater than looking it, trust me.