Do you exercise before or after having breakfast? which is best?

Andreas F.
Before breakfast. Just move the way you can is the first step. Then later you might wanna change or modify the way you exercise. Enjoying the exercise the most important. Use the music of your choice like some use dance music or some use motivational music or rock music whatever make you feel comfortable. And that's all for now.
Sheila S.
I personally exercise before breakfast because I exercize in my pyjamas and my exercise isn't long at all so I don't feel too hungry after it
Billy E.
Short answer: whichever you will maintain easier or prefer. Long answer: it may depend on the type of exercise/how long or strenuous and your personal goals. When I was bodybuilding, I was told to eat an easily digestible meal before and after, e.g protein shake before, Greek yogurt and fruit after. Then an hour or so later your actual breakfast. If you are trying to lose weight I think it is recommended to eat after. Right now I’m easing back into exercise after an injury and trying to lose weight so I’m not doing a very long session and I’m eating after. As I build back up to the level I was at I may add back in the pre-workout meal then.
Elvira F.
I eat after exercise because I feel that the food tastes so much better after a quick workout. I also find it easier to move before eating than after.
Krystyna Y.
I would say after breakfast. You shouldn’t do a work out straight after eating. That’s also why it is suggested that you eat one hour before you do exercises.
Penha C.
Both! Usually when I stay home I do my Taekwondo forms or light morning stretching before breakfast, then relax as I eat. When I go out, usually to my Taekwondo gym, I take my breakfast and cycle there before I eat, then start my workout. Personally I can't do a real workout without eating, but it's important for me to move a little to wake up and start up my body ~ All in all maybe either is good, as long as you eat your breakfast in peace?