I am 17 years old. How long should I spend working out and which workout is the best for teenagers?

Aisha C.
Heyy.. I'm around that age too and I find it best to focus more on my studies so I would recommend working out for an hour a day starting with warm up exercises then some hiit and finally cool down with some stretches!! Hope this helps
Tristan C.
As I am fifteen years old, I have found in the mornings trying to do a big exercise and knowing I'm going back to school, it just doesn't seem to work. So sometimes just a ten-minute workout or even a 20 could do the trick. I would start small as to not stress myself out with it. With the workout itself, I lean towards using quick and easy YouTube videos ( ex: Kyra Pro has tons). Youtube has dozens from yoga to high intensity. I prefer dance workouts because I know afterward I won't hurt as bad as high intensity and I'll be able to go about my day much easier. Honestly, Just try to do something simple to stay active and something that you can do from home and not interfere with your daily routines.
Olivier L.
As much as I know there's nor specific age, limit for training and vice versa and so on. Any timeline of any training is good for everyone of any age. But you can search further…
Michelle F.
Hey hope you are well.
At 17 years old I would start light and work your way up.
Maybe do 30mins of cardio for the whole body to start.
Always listen to your body make sure you have rest days and not to over so it.
If you are wanting to build muscle then try some weight training with dumbbells 💪 to start with.
Start with 5/10 reps to begin with then work your way up always warm up before workout 🏋️‍♀️ and cool down after too.
If you want light work out give yoga a try it’s good for mind body and soul too.
Good luck 🤞 and hope this helps.