Is it better to work out or have breakfast first?

Jodi Q.
I usually eat before I work out, but I’m guessing it’s better to workout before eating.

The intermittent fasting information might provide more of a way to go with this, because it encourages some time without food on our stomachs. I think it’s a good idea to go some time without eating.

Begum N.
Scientifically there is no difference between the fat burned whether you have breakfast first or workout. I prefer to have some energising snacks before working out (some nuts, a banana) then have a full on breakfast after the workout with lots of proteins.
Ma Ly T.
If you exercise first it work up an appetite. If you have breakfast first you feel bagged up to exercise. I would say to exercise first seems to be better
Nanna W.
I think work out first and then breakfast because when you sit down to have breakfast you may feel lazy and skip the workout
Jane C.
I feel nauseated when I eat first, so I drink 2 glasses of water before exercising and eat immediately after exercising.
Hans Walter U.
I feel for more it is important to have breakfast first before doing physical activity. My stomach is very sensitive when it is empty and I tend to get nauseous when I have gone too long without eating. For some people working out before eating is better for them do it depends what works for your body
Gianna G.
It depends on how hard of workout your doing if it's some stretching I recommend to do it before breakfast but if it's something hard like a run you should do it afterwards
Jaylie Z.
It’s better to eat something small (like a banana) first, then work out (as long as it isn’t toooo long) then eat afterward.
Kurt W.
This is a good question. I personally would workout before I eat breakfast so I can use it as a reward system to motivate me to complete the workout
王苏溢 N.
I believe it is bad for digestion if you work out immediately after having a meal. I usually leave a 20 minutes gap between breakfast and working out. If you have very limited time in the morning, it is not a bad idea to work out first and make the morning ritual smoothly without a pause.
Mrs W.
I can do either depending on how i feel after i have mt morning water. If I feel hungry I will have a light breakfast maybe eggs and a slice of toast. If I'm not feeling hungry after my water I will get on with my walk and eat a healthy breakfast afterwards.
Agnes J.
I think its better to work out first because the activity can help wake you up sooner, but if you are not a morning person it may work better to eat breakfast first just to build motivation to work out. I think it really depends on who you are.
Rosa S.
I usually do yoga as my work out, but if i was doong something high intensity, i would try to eat somthing light like a protein shake and a fruit, and then eat a good meal after an intense workout
Bloodybraiin N.
workout before breakfast is better, it boosts your energy more than working out after breakfast, make sure to try some stretches before working out <3
Tristan A.
I think it completely depends on what workout it is and what breakfast you want to have. If you are going to do something quick and small like the fabulous 7 minute exercise that you can do in your room or living room then I'd recommend doing that first and having breakfast afterwards. But if you're going to leave the house for a jog for example then I'd recommend having breakfast beforehand, as long as it is not too filling!
Perry S.
It really depends on how early you get up. If you have the energy to wake up and get straight into working out then I recommend not eating before hand. However for me personally I need an energy boost to get me going in the morning before I can even comprehend working out. It is a good idea for the breakfast to be light before a workout and then a snack with protein afterwards.
Rebecca I.
It's better to work out first. I could do this by cooking breakfast in the morning and then biking to work so I can eat before I go in
Eric Q.
While there can be an argument for both I personally believe that working out first and then coming back to a healthy breakfast is the way to go. Nobody wants to feel bloated and queasy as they're on their morning jog
Antonios F.
I usually workout before breakfast. I do this because in the morning I’m not that’s hungry, so I work up an appetite by working out.
Raymond T.
As you get older, you need to get more into eating to live. Don't eat for Taste. When you think of it that way, it's easy to know but you should eat before working out. You shouldn't eat too heavy or eat things that don't benefit the body during your workout. Even if it's just a smoothie or some fruit, it can be more helpful, but exercising on empty just doesn't make sense because you can't get the most benefit out of the work out. After all, who works out for fun? You want to get the most out of it.
Cameron U.
I find fasted cardio to really help my energy levels, but do whatever feels right. Heck, try it both ways and analytically compare the two. This makes the exercise more intriguing and something more exciting and new than just a task to complete.
Chris G.
I was wondering this, too. I've tried both. I was thinking that having breakfast in my stomach while working out will be uncomfortable with food bouncing around, but after sleeping, will my muscles having enough energy available to get a good workout? Not sure.
Julie W.
I work out first. If I don't do it as soon as I wake up it isn't going to happen. Sometimes I put a granola bar on my nightstand if I'm super hungry.
Jennifer Z.
It depends. If it is an early morning run, I say run first and eat later. However if you’re waking up early and not working out for a while, you may need something to give you energy before you get started.
Karolina T.
Eat some energy giving food like a banana or an apple or a handful of nuts half an hour before the workout. And then you can have your full stomach breakfast after the workout
Savannah Z.
I prefer to workout first and then eat breakfast. Drinking water and excercising before eating helps make me feel more energized. If I eat first and then work out, I tend to feel more sluggish and/or nauseous.
Ralf U.
Have breakfast first and then an hour later you can do your workout. You need calories to burn off for a lot of exercises
Brian R.
I think working out before breakfast is better. You can workiut immediately after waking up, whilst you might not be hungry as soon as you wake up
Alexander Z.
Eat breakfast first otherwise I won't eat then I will get to hungry and eat to much of something I should not be eating.
Medelly C.
Personally, I find that I feel nauseated and heavy when I eat my breakfast before I work out. I find myself feeling better eating after my workout
Zachary E.
Work out, definitely! Eating a light, healthy meal after working out elevates your mood and energy level for the rest of the day. It's more difficult to not eat breakfast too after working out rather than the other way round