What are some ways to make walking more enjoyable?

Sibille N.
Music is always good. I like visual stimulation so picking a place that has interesting landscapes or buildings. I love walking in the downtown area because there is so much to see and before you know it, you’ve walked a couple of miles.
Louisa E.
Listening to a good podcast or book. Taking a camera to encourage you to notice what you’re looking at. Schedule your walks to coincide with phoning friends or family. If you really don’t enjoy walking just make small changes at first: park a bit further away from things, get off the bus one stop earlier, take the stairs. These will all help you to get used to including walking in your day. Personally, I don’t have a car – I already liked walking but that has helped me learn to love it
Nikolai T.
Id say I have to find walking much more enjoyable when I don’t have a clear aim as to why I am walking and just doing it as a fresh new activity. To me listening to the sounds outside or feeling the weather on my body or just seeing something with new eyes makes waking a lot more fun
Ma Ly Q.
Walk through a place you can practice your skill of observation, a habit you can develop through Fabulous. If it's the same route, use it as an observational challenge.
Adam F.
To be honest, I enjoy walking as it is. I try to be mindful. I listen to the sound of nature and tune into my body. But sometimes I also listen to podcasts and audiobooks. I walk with my dog twice a day. The first walk is a mindfulness ritual for me. I listen and observe. I go where the dog takes me and discover new places. The second walk I do after work and I often listen to my favourite podcast or a book to chill out.
Nica Z.
I’ve found several ways that make walking more enjoyable. One is to walk with a friend nothing makes time go by faster than pleasant conversation. Two, walk to your favorite music, podcast, or books on audible. Three making walking into a fun counting game, pushing yourself a little further or a little faster every day/week. Four walk intentionally and gratefully enjoying and meditating on the wonderful things in nature and the blessings we’ve received Like good health.
Cl Mence S.
I enjoy listening to some chill or positive music when out for a walk. Or taking scenic routes. Or having a destination to go to.
Adrian Q.
Listening to music
Walking with a friend or pet
Walking in a nice area you enjoy during your favourite time of day
Having proper footwear
Suzanne W.
I loved when I had a dog—that was always a treat to see them move so freely and lightly. I look for the light in the trees or other shafts of light that illuminate things and take pictures and send to my adult children. I ask my husband to take an evening walk and we carry a hot cup of tea with us…these are some ways!
Alessio I.
Good music! Make a nice playlist for yourself. Also, awareness of your enviroment. Take time to really see where you are. Comfortable shoes are also nice.
Andrea F.
While walking explore areas of your neighborhood which you have not visited before. Couple your walking with grocery shopping, etc.
Alberto O.
Listening to your favourite music. It distracts you from the walking and keeps your mind in a happy and energised space.
Zulma F.
The easiest answer is to listen to music! But you could also combine it with other things you have to do, e.g. weekly groceries or walking your dog. What could also be interesting is to choose a point of interest in your town or city and read its history as you walk towards it. In this way you make walking more enjoyable while also learning about your hometown!
Barcino Z.
Avoid getting lost in mental judgement and stay present for your walk. Use your walks as a chance to notice more about yourself and the world. You can use your journeys to practice noticing. Mindful walking means returning your mind to an awareness of your breath and other body sensations. Explore the neighbourhood on foot. Its easier if you have a place that is your turning point home. Plan a list of nearby destinations. Look up the route. You could ask some friends if they'd join you. You could regularly borrow someone's dog that is stuck indoors all day.
Cecil J.
I like to go just after the sun rises and play Christian worship music. When I walk, I look around me and marvel at all He has created.
Margot O.
Always be prepared. Have a sweater and toque handy for when it’s cold windy day. Have you headphones and music player fully charged. Be ready for any excuse you can come up with.
Adina X.
Bring a friend on your walk. Put your favorite music on or a podcast. Pray or meditate as you walk and notice the change it is doing in yourself.
Ma Lle N.
Set a goal for each day that would make you happy. Waking up would be much easier- if there is a reason you like- to wake up.
Terrence G.
Listen to music that you can bop to or sing to. Maybe even walk in a group or walk with a friend that you can talk to and literally just have a good time of laughing to keep your mind off that wht your actually doing which is something normally not enjoyable.
Noah W.
I do what I call ‘cross’ or ‘active’ walking. By that I mean when I have a nice safe stretch of trail or road I spin around and walk backwards for a while, which – because it is a reverse to your normal stride – opens your hips and legs. Once you get comfortable with reverse walking I add in ‘side’ walking. To do side walking start by walking normally. Then turn so you are now facing either left or right. Keeping that alignment walk sideways – one step with your back leg crossing in front of your body, the next step goes behind your body. Take 5 to 20 paces, align to the front and take the same number of paces, then rotate and align to the opposite side and take same number of paces, etc…. Changing your walking alignment from front to rear, rear to a side, to the front and then to the other side helps unlock your entire body, increases flexibility, gives you a longer stride, gives you better balance, reduces your chance of falling and helps cross wire your brain – which prevents Alzheimer’s and dementia – and is simply a lot of fun, especially the first couple of times you try it and especially with good friends you can laugh with as your body attempts to find its rhythm….
Bettina X.
Don’t see it as a chore but a treat. Find a scenic place to walk and just relax. Breath in and take in the world around you. Let your mind be at ease and ignore stresses of modern life. I like to walk without my phone to better grasp the beauty around me. Good luck on your journey! 💕✌🏻
Thiago Z.
Find a destination, anything is cool, like some kind of weird building on google maps and then try to get there without using a map, using only your memory and sense of direction and also come back home using a different route.
Sergio Q.
Try listening to your favorite music, and make sure to walk when you have enough energy. Try to walk somewhere you haven’t been before and make the environment more interesting!
Lea Z.
I like to play lots of game apps on my phone. To make walking more enjoyable I would play these while walking. Apps such as Pokémon Go or Jurassic World Alive helped me the most. Listening to podcasts while walking was also motivating. Do what makes you happy! :))
Faith E.
I love walking but in all honesty, I’m not a fast walker. My regular pace is like most oeople’s Slow pace. So first and foremost I don’t push myself past my regular pace. This means I don’t think of it as exercise but a way to relax. I find that the more I walk the faster I get naturally. If I want to walk faster, I give myself a fun challenge to beat my previous record. Right now, I have a doggy boarding and day care service so I get to walk dogs and that can be all of fun with good dogs! If I don’t have a dog, I try to go somewhere pretty, like a park with a trail, or walk with a destination – like Starbucks. I pay attention to, and appreciate, the surroundings – a nice yard, a pretty tree, children playing. Another option for me is sometimes using a walk as my alone time to get some solitude. I put on my headphones, set it to music I love – pop, zen, country, it depends on my mood, or even a meditation. I truly just go into a state of mind that I’m appreciating the time to myself to think or just appreciate some good music. 🙂
Maurice F.
Listening to music or a podcast helps me focus on something that brings me joy if I’m doing something I don’t necessarily enjoy.
Rog Lio Q.
I like to go for walks outside rather than on a treadmill. I make it more enjoyable by listening to music, a podcast or audiobook. By doing this I’m learning, laughing and focused on what I’m listening to instead of the walk itself. Also, try switching up your route so you see a different scenery and experience something new.
Emma Z.
For me, personally , walking is more enjoyable when U r not alone, I have four dogs and I’m learning to be the “main Woolf” for them. Sometimes I’m asking myself a questions to understand the nature of things, so I can tell U for shore – it’s much more valuable then TV or social papers
C Lia Z.
1) listen to the radio via the iHeart Radio app.
2) Bring you're dog
3) listen to a book take via the Audible app
4) track heart rate and steps with your watch tracker
Lucien P.
Taking my dog with me. She also makes me walk faster. And also, I like to have a destination. There’s a local coffee shop that I stop at on the way home from my walk. I also get a small black coffee and sit for ten mins and drink it.
Jayden U.
I walk my dogs so they're an endless supply of entertainment, but I also listen to podcasts while I'm walking or try to walk new roads instead of the same route.
Muharrem Y.
The company of a friend, nice music on your headphones or just simple attention to the small, beautiful, things around you on your way.
Guilhermina A.
Walk through greenery. If that's not possible use the walk to make phone calls to loved ones and get that errand out of the way too!
Hunter J.
You can go to the forest, some lovely place. Or if you are going to the specified place you can listen to your favourite music or some interesting podcast.
Janet E.
Music always does the trick and helps the time to pass by and makes the process less mundane. But it also help a lot to go for walks if you can in new places and places with great visual interest and stimulation. We as humans are naturally excited by the thrill of seeing new things and exploration. 😁
Liva A.
It's nice to get all walking gears around your bed. Early morning walks can be enjoyed outdoors. Decide route before sleeping and follow it with defined frequency. You will see some faces regular enroute. Smile back and you will enjoy walk
Rasmus N.
I walk to work every day and it can get boring so every now and then I chose another street or have a little coffee break in my fav bar, sometimes I listen to music and sometimes I listen to a lecture depending on how I feel when I wake up.
Gavin J.
What I like to do when I take a nice walk is have one playlist filled with songs that I know is a must repeat. Meaning while listening to a song you can't get enough of will take your mind off of what you deem as a difficult task.
Dwight U.
when you’re with good company, or when your playlist is on point, or my favorite podcast has a new episode, or when the place I’m walking in is just as beautiful like the first time i saw it
H Lder B.
First of all, I think It Is vital to abandon the idea of walking as either a self-imposed duty or a task: It suould be felt and lived as a moment out of the ordinary and whatever Is part of your routine. On a more concrete level, I fancy walking with my music plugged in via earphones: as music gives me the ability to dive into a trascendental experience of the harmonies and stories being sung, I may walk for 30 minutes as well as 2 hours without feeling the passing of time. In addition to that, I like walking as a chance to discover the neigbourhood a bit more each and every time, as well as scouting for pubs or restaurants or libraries (or whatever tickles my curiosity).
This walking for me and may as well be for you.
We spend every day thinking about the next move so what's the harm of letting it go for a tiny bit?
Philipp Y.
I enjoy listening to music on my walks. Sometimes it will be loud and powerful, sometimes quiet and soothing. I sometimes go for walks with my friend and we’ll burn incense while we walk.
Denil N.
I listen to music when I walk. Not so loud that I can't here anything around me, but I enjoy my walk much better with music.
Kay Q.
To make a walk more enjoyable you can put on your iPhone some good and energetic music, put a goal like today I will walk until a place or set a time… Think the streat you will do, where there are some less people or green, trees… I really like to walk in the nature, better than in a street.
Joachim C.
Have fun! Listen to music, podcasts, dance, skip or ask a friend and/or a family member to walk with you.Look around and really LOOK at what is around. Find what makes walking personal. Remember these steps can only be walked by you but only you choose how.
Esther U.
Meditating while walking is great! Listening tonthe sounds around you and watching ppl. Smth we do not usually have time for in our daily lives
Guy O.
These are some ideas for makin walking more fun. Listening to a podcast or music can be fun. If available, walking with an animal can be enjoyable too. Volunteering at an animal shelter is one option for having an animal join you on a walk. You can also find a really pretty trail to walk which could make walking more enjoyable.