How long do you typically exercise for and what type of exercise do you do?

Eleonora Z.
I usually do a little yoga session from about 10 to 20 mins. I work on the part of the body that I feel needs more care in that moment. Sometimes I feel I would need something more energetic.
Zoe O.
I like to walk. I walk my son to school every morning, then come home do a little yoga and housework while im dancing around, then i walj down to woolies and home at least once a day.
Adam S.
I often exercise for just about 1 minute doing 5 push-ups, 5 ab-crunches and 5 squats every morning. It might sound small but this is where I want to begin. Overtime I will give myself a greater challenge but as of right now I feel like it’s enough as I can easily implement it into my morning routine.
Edeltraut F.
I try and move in the morning and at night depending on what my schedule is for the day depends on how much time there is. At least once of those times I go for a short jog around the block with my dog and the other one of those times is my nice long fast-paced walk
Anton F.
Hello firstly thanks for the question, now I like to exercise for around 1-2 hours a day of exercises like push ups, pull ups, squats, curls, over head press, calf raises, sit ups, and hanging leg raises.
Annita U.
I'm starting small with 8 mins of compulsory yoga every day and then when I have time, 30 mins of fast paced walking, not quite a power walk. I mostly have time 4 days a week
Rudra I.
I do stretching for 10 mins and dance workout for 30 mins. I do dance workout because it engages more than regular exercise and you can dance on your own playlist also👍
Annicia T.
i generally don’t do heavy exercises. my daily exercise would be speed walking for either 30minutes or an hour. i do heavier exercises maybe once a week for 15-30 minutes. i have an app which i refer to for the types of exercises. it’s called “30 day workout”.