Is there a certain amount of time you need to exercise for you to count it as getting your workout in for the day?

Fernando O.
It is recommended to work out for a the least 30 minutes a day to allow your body to burn off and help build muscle strength. Even just a casual 30 minute work or break it up. Eg. 15 minutes of running 10 minutes of abs and 5 min of yoga.
Hazael Q.
As long as I get up and at least walk the dog around the block or walk four miles it doesn't matter. I made the effort to get up and get some exercise in and for that I am grateful and I celebrate. I didn't make it uses and not do it
Steph N.
I believe whatever it is whether it be 3 minutes or 30 that as long as its time away from devices and its getting out of the house/ your head, its a worthy workout. In terms of if you can manage more then 10 mins. Do you feel invigorated? Do you feel energized or more at peace? Do you feel lighter? Do you feel more in touch with nature or your mind? Thats when I think its a worthy work out. However everyone is different keep that in mind. 🙂
Maya Z.
No it’s different for everyone I personally like to do at least 30 minutes but just adjust it to whatever feels the most comfortable don’t work yourself to hard but if something feels to east bump yourself up a little
Danean G.
I try to get 30 minutes each day, based on my doctor recommendation. I can’t always do all 30 minutes at one time because of my work schedule. I will do some stretches and exercises on my work breaks. I’d really like to work up to more than 30 minutes per day because of my struggles with my weight but I’m happy with the 30 minutes per day for now.
Cathy F.
Actually it depends on each person and for how long they have been working out. If you a begginer with 15 to 30 minutes it's a full workout, if you have a little more experience I think that less than 40min is no workout