I have had a knee injury for two years that won’t get better! However, I’m supposed to be on my school’s cross country team next year and need to train. Any advice? 😎

Holly A.
HEY!!! Cross Country runner here. So, last year was my first ever year in cross country. I won’t say I’m good- even with a knee injury, you’re probably faster than me haha! I started to have problems after awhile because of the lack of time I gave for my body to adjust – I went from almost no running to 3-4 miles a day pretty quick. It’s a LOT of hard work, but the thing is, you don’t want to completely kill yourself when your body isn’t used to intense running. Start gradual! A mile a day! The next week, start going 2 miles! You got this!! Remember to also get tons of sleep- your body needs more with all that running. I haven’t been running much, and I’m trying to get back into practice too. We got this!!! Together!!! Start gradual, get sleep, and stay positive!!
Isabella F.
Hi there, so sorry to hear that! Considering this has been prolonged, I assume you’ve already contacted a specialist. But if you haven’t, definitely stay in touch with a sports medicine specialist or physiotherapist or something – they can give you exercises to help improve your knee. After that, I’d say start your fitness training with low-impact activities. Swimming, cycling, or using an elliptical is good to start. Also try investing in more proper running shoes? Something w adequate support & cushion. A speciality running store can give advice on shoes based on your foot type.
Hope this helps!
Jaaslyn S.
I ran XC (Cross Country) in Middle School & I know the ey are usually pretty good about going at your pace at progressively bettering you & your performance. My mother did the same thing when she injured her knee during basketball. She ran XC & was able to better her knee in one season! I would practice consistently, even if it’s a small practice. I would definitely keep track of your times and consistently practice running miles.