I have really bad lower back pain, are there any exercises or stretches that may help?

Adam X.
Yes! For lower back pain, you might think that resting is the best way to heal, but actually excercising is the perfect way to get better. Remember to always take it slow, and i suggest maybe trying out Pilates or some Yoga stretches. I say 'some' because not all stretches + excercises are good for healing and some can actually be more damaging. For the specific excercises and Do's and Dont's, take a look at this article i found for you:
Dont take too many rushed movements and if you still cant get rid of this pain, contact a health care specialist to help 🙂
Sara P.
I had a lot of lower back pain during my pregnancy and for a while afterwards. I then realized was due to the fact that I lost a lot of core strength during that time.
My recommendation would be that you try to increase the strength in your core (abs, glutes and lower back).
Take it slow so you don’t injure yourself 🙂
Silviano Z.
I have progressive osteoporosis in my spine and knees. For me, practicing yoga allows me to become more flexible. For example, Salutation to the Sun. I can do most of it. What I can't physically do, I modify. It will help to strengthen your abdominal and back muscles
Julien N.
If you’re not already practicing Vinyasa Yoga and Yin Yoga, you should get into it. It will solve you chronic back pain. I suggest Down Dog app, it’s affordable and very well done. You can choose how much time and what area to target.
You could start with a 10 minutes session every day that focuses on lower back, and see where that leads you. Then when you like it, move to longer time and full practice.
Pedro U.
So, you need to improve your muscle in your core, they stabilize your body and with it you have to avoid been siting for to long, take a little walk after an hour, do some squats and focus to your posture, don’t stay too much time in the same position
Sharon O.
Pilates is a great solution. It helps to strengthen the muscles around that area and over time will provide more stability and support.
Harshita F.
Leaning over to one side, stretching legs on the floor And stretching ur arms in a circle. Try these stretches, they work out really well.
Kemi C.
I find it helps a bit to lie on a hard floor, fold your knees up to your chest and hug them, and then roll gently from side to side. Not all the way from side to side but just a little bit. It gives a little stretch and kind of massages the vertebrae.
Isaltino O.
First of all, I AM NOT A DOCTOR so everything I say is only from my experience. If you have really bad back pain, maybe you should see a doctor. Otherwise some stretches work well for me like child's pose, wall downdog, knees to chest, forward fold. (look it up on google images)
Sandra R.
Before beginning the streatches its important to know what movements reduce and increase the pain. Forward bend, back bend, side bend twist. With the back, increased pain means don't do it that far. Slowly increase range. I like to law on my bed with the edge just below the buttocks so the weight of my feet streatches the back. Then scooting up higher and pulling one knee at a time up towards the opposite shoulder. What helped the pain most is core strength building. Bridging (laying on back with knees bent then lifting buttocks) if that hurts just contract the buttocks pressing the back down and pelvice up. Amazingly, just standing on one foot and moving oposit leg strengthens the core mistletoe. Mini squats help too.
Jen A.
What helps me is to lay on my back on the floor and stretch my hands up above my head, horizontal to the ground, and do that a couple times during yoga.
Jenny F.
Lay on the ground with belly side. And then Lift arms and legs as high as you can. Hold it and let go, Do this 5 Minute a Day.
Yusuf T.
Im doing the exercises by make me fabulous, and i have noticed my body especially my back is way better. I suggest you to do it too.
For more specific information search it online or talk to a specialist for this type of pain. Wish you the best!!
Marion Q.
I would try to do some very gentle cobras or back bends.
Maybe also alternate heat and cold, and take whatever pain medication you are able to tolerate.
A nice warm bath with Epsom salts, about a cup, can also help to soothe sore muscles.
I hope that you find healing and comfort in the next while.
In S S.
I use the app fiton that have tons of really good exercises for back pain! Realy love the stretches and yoga flows focus on the back
Lisa Z.
Lay on the ground and put your legs on a chair or on you couch. It'll look like you're in a sit position, but in another perspective. This will help you out.
Adam G.
I’m no expert but I have been doing simple yoga stretches after my runs and workouts. That is always important after to me.
Suzzanne Y.
I am not sure yet as I am dealing with the same thing this week. What I am trying to do is lay on the floor with legs in fetal position and roll from side to side remembering to breathe. My two kids help me with this as motivation and positive feelings for this.