What if the 7 min morning exercise is not appropriate for me? What can I do?

Sunshine N.
Then you can look around and try different exercise plans and see what works for you. I used to think I could only use exercise apps which most have monthly subscriptions that I can’t afford. So I started looking at exercise plans on Pinterest, tried different things and figured out what worked for me, and now I have a morning exercise routine put together that works perfectly for me.
Ellen T.
Take it off your list so it’s not a source of tension, and maybe walk a bit – even a little further down the street to work/school/uni, or take the stairs, or stretch your legs in your lunch break. If you’re injured, work another part of your body, or stretch what you can stretch. The internet has lots of useful info if you’re looking for time-efficient ways to exercise, or different stretches for different muscle groups. If you can do afternoon, or before dinner/bed, do 7 mins of exercise then! It’s less than 10 mins and is so worth it. Hope this helped!
Adam F.
There is nothing magic about the 7 minute workout, it's a great structure if you're looking to quickly activate large muscle groups, but you can modify it or even do your own thing. I'm not a fan of planks because of my back, so I do a hollow hold for that time instead. If I'm not up for the 7 minute workout, or just want variety, I'll put on some music and just dance for 2 songs. For me the important thing is enjoying the movement, if I don't enjoy it then it's harder to motivate myself. I hope that helps. Keep up the good work.
Khaled N.
Not appropriate,, like its too easy for you? Try to increase the time.. 10 or 15 mins with more exercises… today i did the 7 mins, but I thought its getting too easy for me… so i have increased the of each exercise.. like i am doing 150% or 200% more harded/faster. Its challenging.
If you mean body cant help youvto do this 7 min HiiT morning exercise, try other things, resistance exercises or use dumbbells… or Dashing/jogging.. join a gym..
Before "Fabulous" i used training app & youtube videos, doing exercises together with the videos playing on the phone.
Laura A.
I do like the exercises however I had a shoulder injury I’m still working through. Sometimes I use part of the exercise routine adding some of my rehab exercises. But my favorite is walking! It helps strengthen my heart ( I have Afib & CHF). As the weather gets nicer ( it’s currently 12 degrees 💨) I’m building up my step count and distance. Several years ago I was walking 3-4 miles every morning. Two days ago I walked 1.3 miles on a semi-hilly area! My goal is back to at least 3 miles each time I walk, 10,000 steps a day and walk a 5k! Just take slow, I’m 63 and know my limitations.
I hope this helps!
Good luck,
Nathalie O.
I would try searching through YouTube or Google to find ideas of other short but effective exercises. This could be yoga, a quick walk around the block, or even dancing it out to your favorite song. You should find something that you enjoy.
James U.
Find a podcast or audiobook to listen to (or meditation app), and substitute some calming mind and body time for the morning exercise
Umapati F.
I’m not sure what’s the inappropriate thing about the 7 min exercise. If it’s the form or the intensity, you might want to do some research to find a suitable alternative. The goal is to have a full body workout at a medium intensity.

If it’s just about motivation, try the 1 min exercise first. I guarantee you will want to do the 7 min exercise later and then 22 min set eventually.

Nathana L I.
Try to find an exercise you enjoy doing. Start small and build from there. Why is it not appropriate for you? You could do some walking or jogging, maybe 3 sets of 10 pushups, situps and squats and adding more reps and sets as you get stronger. Maybe some light stretching.
Krista Z.
Do it in an different part of the day and check it later. Over time you can edit your morning routine and move the exercise to a more appropriate time of day
Natalia I.
Try searching YouTube for 5-minute morning yoga or another type of morning excercise if yoga is also not appropriate for you. 😊
Ronald O.
At least try it before you dismiss the routine. I don’t like to exercise, but I’ve tried all the Make Me Fabulous workouts, stretches, yogas. All that includes moving my body to fins my match. I relived that routines that I dismissed at first sight felt invigorating and are now a part of my morning routine. If you don’t find a match, do a little stretch to get your body going in the morning.