What other exercises are easy to do in the house?

Babett W.
Maybe those on fitness blender youtube channel, like jumping jacks , those workout dose not required much equipment, easy to start
Mac Rio Q.
I like to start my days with yoga — moving slowly at first then through more energizing poses and faster paced flows. Pacing the movements with my breath helps keep me focused on what I’m doing instead of thinking ahead to all the things I need to do that day.
Ashley E.
I enjoy youtube – fitness marshall. Its dance videos and his energy is very uplifting – sort of a contagious happiness happening too. Videos are 3-4min, so far ive sneaked in 2 videos in a few mornings. Most of the time im running late though so i only do one
Jeppe N.
I do bodyweight exercises at home and in my office: push ups, squats, calf raises, plank, glute bridges, an add resistance band exercises as well.
Scott P.
I have mostly been doing beginner friendly Youtube workout videos, there are a lot out there. My favourite workout channel right now is Fitness Blender, they have some beginner routines and warmup. HIIT seems to be another very popular option for at home exercises. I have just recently started getting into that though, so I don’t have many recommendations.
Justin A.
If there are stairs in the house then you can either walk up or just do some stepping at the bottom. You can use the edge of the bath or a step to do some triceps dips. You can do some ab contractions lying on the bed before you get meaning- this means you don't have to worry about getting up off the floor.
Amanda P.
Some easy exercises I do inside are lunges, crunches, wall sits, and jumping jacks!! they’re all easy and not to hard on the body but very effective in the long run!! hope this helped <3
Jonathan Z.
Core workouts are really easy to do in the house. There various styles of plank, as well as the Russian twist, boat to low boat, and dead bugs. Burpees are another good exercise, as are mountain climbers, and pushups. One of the best apps, and its free, is the Nike Training app. I use this all the time to get quick workouts that are easy to do in the house. I never go to the gym.
Jessica C.
Yoga is a great choice because it develops strength and flexibility, has some cardio benefit, and can be done just about anywhere because it doesn’t take much space.

Old-school bodyweight exercises are very indoor-friendly, as well. If done with very little rest between sets, cardio and strength are both easily addressed:
-push-ups (modify on knees if need be)
-jumping jacks
-squats/lunges (sooo many ways to squat/lunge!)
-kickboxing (combinations of kicks/punches)

Rapha L E.
The wall has been the best for relaxing. I can feel anxious when I think I haven't been productive enough. The wall guideded meditation lets me know it can take lots and lots of time to get past something. Be patient. Be persistent. Then the wall will eventually fall.
Faustine Y.
I find I can do a body weight circuit with just enough room to lie down.
Press ups – incline, decline, normal. (If enough room try the bottom 1or2 steps of your stairs for incline/decline)
Crunches, half sits, full sits, V sits, Alt V sits, bicycles.
Plank, pulse plank.
Squats, air squats.
Tricep dips (Bottom of stairs or a chair)
A friend of mine does handstand press ups against a wall! Need to be careful of surroundings!
If I want to add some weight to my exercises I fill a backpack with odd bits from around the house, waterbottles, tins of food etc 1ltr water is 1kg, you can guage how much you are lifting then.
A military press is good, weight pushed out to the front back to chest and then above head and back to chest is one rep.
Robin B.
I like the 7 minute workouts on this app and elsewhere. These are my go to workouts especially when I’m traveling or pressed for time.
Planks and core workouts are also great.
Victoire I.
Surprisingly, walk! You can walk the perimeter of you back yard or just walk in straight lines back and forth. You may look (and feel) a little crazy but that’s the beauty of it, you’re in your own back yard where no one can see you. You May feel silly and it may get a little boring but if it’s the only way you can get exercise into your day than its worth it right? If you have a busy day and maybe only have ten minutes to spare it’s a great way to get outside, get some fresh air, get in some light exercise that won’t make you sweaty so when the ten minutes are up you can get on with your day and any other task you need to do, and best of all you never had to leave your house.
Walter P.
I usually do the 7 minute workout routine; it's pre-defined, you don't have to think much about it,youn do it in your pace and relies on your body weight. If time is short I'll just stretch out and do some push ups.
Hans Herbert X.
Rebounding! Look up the health benefits. Mine is a Bellicon, so I can do hard workouts on it, if I want to and there is a HUGE difference between cheap and pricier rebounders. The tension on my Bellicon is flexible yet firm and it does not impact my knees. The cheap ones don't have the same spring and you can't really do much with them. You can get a cheap one as a tester to see if you like rebounding. Then spring for a really good one, or skip the cheapy and go for the gold.