I have piriformis upper buttock pain from quick movements and bending back. How do I treat it?

Rose T.
Yoga. Look at the book, 28 days of yoga exercise plan. It's old but very doable and gets you eased into a world of movement that are safe, mindful, and will help you beyond words.
Vitali T.
Your best bet is speaking to a doctor about options. Your next best is look it up online at WebMD, and see what treatments are available πŸ™‚
Lana Q.
Google piriformis upper buttock pain treatment. Talk to your doctor about what you want to do and what your doctor thinks is best. If you don’t agree with he/she try switching doctors. It’s annoy, yes, but in the long run it’s better.
Hope you get better or lessen your symptoms πŸ‘ Stay Cool for summer 😎
Ivo I.
YouTube has some great tutorials for this kind of stuff, simply look up glute strechs and there will most definitely be one on there that will help you out. Rest will help it also
Chloe Z.
I find that natural therapy works well. If not go see a trusted naturopath or alternative medicine specialist πŸ™‚ hope you feel better soon!
Victor Y.
Sounds like sciatica. Google yoga stretches (or Pinterest has a ton). I had it when I was pregnant and know how bad it hurts! Just stretch until your body sings to you.
Sheryl E.
Water, icy hot, and stretches involving your upper back and deltoids / traps on the side opposite the pain (counter acting the pain).
Danny S.
Oh dear lord, I LITERALLY feel your pain. It has taken me quite some time to get to a point where it doesn't really bother .e – but it's all about habit. I would do: 10 clam shell exercises on each side, 30second plank, 12 tiny crunches, figure four stretch for BOTH sides, and side hip lifts for both sides EVERY DAY. Slow movement, constantly checking with your body what wprks and what doesn't, and self love. Stretching both sides will male sure you're not creating a worse injury, too. I make sure to exercise 5 days a week and walk daily

As an aside, I avoid upward facing dog like the plague.

Frida Z.
Foam roll your glutes and quads. Stretch your glutes and hip flexors. Do some core activation exercises like dead bug or plank to work on neutral core/spine vs your pelvis tilting forward and your low back arching.