Anyone have tricks for doing better on days without motivation?

David U.
Sometimes I hit rock bottom and I stay there and feel my self getting stronger, every challenge you have you have to look at what your going to be if you keep going. Make a playlist of music and keep trying even if there’s no motivation. You have to try to look at life through a different paradigm to be successful so just keep going and you’ll find motivation, remember the things that motivated you once and even if not anymore just learn new things so you can stand for jt
Scarlett P.
Usually trying to jumpstart your motivation by eating a good breakfast or some short exercise or going outside can help. Otherwise break up your work into tasks and sub-tasks, and reward yourself for being productive.
Jaqueline F.
do things that make i happy, eventually you'll have yhe motivation to do the hatd things.. especially when times get difficult
Cheyenne Z.
Honestly I struggle with this myself, but the thing that always helps me get through it is by going for a walk or just getting out of the house even if I don’t want too, it distracts me and helps me! If you ever need a friend to talk to about what’s going on just let me know and I’ll give you my contact information.
My tips are finding little things that make you happy, colouring book, doing some baking or anything that’ll distract you tbh.
Sawyer O.
My best tip is to prepare things for the next day or week. For example, you could make your bed at the beginning of the day so when you go to bed it could motivate you to do your night routine. Or you could prepare breakfast for the next day to motivate you to do your morning routine.
Rohan C.
Start with something fun and easy to do and commit to yourself that after you have finished that fun task you will move onto something you need to get done. Make sure that next task is not a super difficult leap from the fun task as it will be difficult for your mind to adjust and want to actively participate. With every successive task you complete the momentum will help carry you through your day!