What time do you usually do your exercise?

Victoria O.
I usually go to Pilates first thing in the morning on Tue and Thu.
I do zumba from Mon through Fri at 7 pm.
I do kundalini yoga from Mon through Fri at 8 PM.
I go to the gym on Fri evenings.
I walk on Sat or Sun for an hour!
I am doing stretching and other exercises in my bedroom too.
Amy T.
After getting Challenge from fabulous I started to exercise daily. Usually I do exercise for 20 minutes. And another 10 minute for meditation.
Thank You team fabulous.
Philip G.
10 minutes before I used to wake up, so around 6:50. Setting my alarm this early want hard at all, since it's so close to my usual time!
Andrey E.
25 min taiji when I get up and 8am personal trainer two times a week. The next challenge is to get to gym at least one other time.
Olivia B.
I usually do my exercise at around 8 am -8:30 am, after I get out of bed and go to the bathroom. I want to make it earlier. I also go to the gym in the evenings. I am still figuring out the best routine for my workouts, but I intend to continue doing my morning ritual of exercise and cultivate it as a daily habit.
Jimmy N.
I Usually exercise around 7:30AM I just feel it’s great to do it in the morning .And I gets energized throughout the day
Nenrode S.
I usually do a 10 min session in the morning before breakfast, but I do 2nd longer session that involves weightlifting at 2-4 PM or so.
Theresa Y.
I typically do 100 squats they are quick and only take 2-3 minutes I might also do a 10 minute walk or run. I try to run in the morning. But I always try to exercise at night.
Natanael P.
I like to hike with my dog in the afternoon.
Mornings are good for a 20 minute treadmill walk.
At present, however, I have a sore knee; a doc visit will let me know where I stand when it comes to future aerobic workouts.
Manuel B.
late afternoon. it gives me the flexibility to do something higher or lower intensity depending on my energy levels and how much exercise I already got passively during the day.
Richard T.
I do a morning stretch session before 6 am. Then a spinning session or a walk in the afternoon and then in the evening I do a core workout.
Lola B.
Usually whenever I have a spare few moments… 10 mins after breakfast or if I'm in rush to work I'll do it just when I arrive home. I don't sit down first as it induces the fatigue from a long day.
Jennie B.
I am used to intense short exercise and walking. I normally do exercise in the morning from 6:00am to 7:00am. I do take a walk of 30 minutes in the morning while going to work and another 30 minutes of walk while returning home. I also do 1000 reps of skipping in the morning. However if I habe to skip my routine time in the morning I do it after returning from work in the evening.
Irene O.
Sometimes morning whenever I wake up. Sometimes in the evening after work. Depends on what the rest of my day looks like. While I would prefer to follow a schedule, it is better to exercise every day whenever you get a chance than to not do it at all.
Salih J.
Exercising in the morning, first thing, seems most effective for me. It wakes me up, removed stiffness, puts me in a positive mood gives me time to reflect on the upcoming day.
Hedda X.
I have two times for exercise. Depending on the day ahead and what I did the night before, I can do both or choose just one.
At 6am I work out at the gym, which gives me a rebate on my insurance premium. Yea! At 7:45am I coat up and walk 20 minutes to work. Depending on the day, I can walk home from work as well.
Ross S.
I always exercise in the morning, it is true that something unexpected can happen during the day and take our time so it is surely better in the morning.
Silke C.
It varies, depending on the time I wake up. I try to get up at 7am, but I always shower, eat, and do a few more tasks before I get started on exercise. Its probably about 8am before I get to it.
Friedrich Z.
I work till 9:30am, and I head outside for my walk right after that. I try to put my shoes on earlier and have my hoodie nearby so there aren't any obstacles. I listen to an audiobook to make it more enjoyable.
Johnny T.
I usually start my daily routine between 6 and 7. I am still finding an inconsistency in my habits as far as time is concerned. Ideally I would like to wake up at 6 and get my workout done by 6:30.
Nelson S.
I try to exercise in the morning if possible just because I can feel good about it for the rest of the day, but ultimately, I exercise whenever is most convenient. In the evenings, after work or school, or sometimes late afternoon on holidays. If I am exercising outside, I try to avoid the hours where the sun is directly overhead as temperatures are usually hotter which can lead to earlier dehydration and fatigue.
Andy O.
I walk with a friend at 6:30 each morning. Then I spend 30-45 minutes on the treadmill after work. I only allow myself to watch my favorite tv shows if I’m on my treadmill.
Daniel T.
I get up in the morning and do a quick yoga session, anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes long. Then I make sure my gym bag is packed, and take it with me to work so I can go straight from work to the gym. That way I don't have a reason to talk myself out of going.
Sofia X.
I do not like exercise at all. I do mine as early in the day as possible. I want to get done with it and then I can enjoy my day. My dread is over.
Sergio O.
Early in the morning is the best. It kick starts your metabolism but an afternoon exercise still is good to stretch your body from work.
Julian Z.
Well, typically I would say whenever I woke up. I have decided to do as many days as possible in a week. The second thing I do is exercise. Definitely the first is hydration.