Is it still a breakfast if eat 2 hours after I wake up? I have a weak stomach and get sick if I eat to soon after I wake up.

Francis E.
I think you need to listen to your body. I have a drink of lemon water and meditate before I have breakfast. It's what works for you – just make sure you eat sensibly
Sylvio W.
I'd say it is. My husband has the same problem, on the weekend's he just waits for me to wake up, which is usally hours after, and then his stomachs good to go for a family breakfast.
Elizabeth W.
I think it's better to listen your body, so if you feel good when you eat 2 hours after wake up – you do it right. Personally I'm prefer to eat 1 hour after wake up. At first hour I do my routine, like drinking water, have a time for praying, focusing on my gratitude, write a day Todo list, do some exercises or stretch and so on.
Nino O.
Do whatever works best for you and your body. I personally can’t exercise on a full stomach, so I exercise later in the day instead of in the morning. If you need to eat breakfast 2 hours later, then do it. But, make sure not to skip it and don’t mark it off on your habit tracker until it’s done.
Abby J.
I think so. Maybe you just ate too late at the night before and your stomach isn’t ready or maybe it’s just the way your body funcion.
Bella E.
Why not…. ? I think breakfast is breaking the fast that has taken place during the night. I drink water for the first hour after waking and then eat when I’m hungry an hour or two later.
Layla J.
Yes of course! The point of this is to help us not to drive us crazy. Follow it the way that works best for u and keep on going
Pri O Q.
The first meal that you consume is a "breakfast". The reason why it's called that is because during the day, ideally you're eating every few hours, but at night your body is fasting as we get our Zzz's, so our first meal of the day is breaking the overnight fast.
L O E.
Yes, as long as you aren’t skipping another meal because you have eaten breakfast too late, it’s still breakfast. You have to feed your body in order to get it powered up for the day.
Jordina P.
That’s a great question. I have the same problem also. I like to have my coffee and then often times I forget to even eat breakfast until very very late in the morning or early in the afternoon. It’s hard to know what the right thing to do is with all of the suggestions about breakfast being the most important meal of the day and also about fasting being healthy. I think the bottom line is you have to do what works for you and that makes you feel good
Phillip O.
The breakfast is when you eat for the first time. So it is fine!
However, you can try to find a product that will be small and safe enough so that you can eat it early and get your energy for next 2 hours without being sick. Egg maybe?
Chad Z.
Why not? But do get up as soon as possible and hydrate..5AM is good! Exercising strenuously may have to be avoided till you eat breakfast though. All the best!
Nikolaus D.
Breakfast doesn’t have to be immediately after you wake up.
The idea of breakfast is more to give you energy for the day – so that you don’t wake up at 5 am and eat your first meal at 2 pm.
Rom Rio C.
Great question. I eat a larger breakfast mid morning but will eat a couple spoonfuls of yogurt in to kickstart my morning routine.
Fernando E.
Eating a snack rather than a meal is better something than nothing. Then you can eat the rest of your planned breakfast meal 2-3 hrs later. And with time you can add one more food group until you reach a balanced breakfast. May take a couple of weeks to a few months. Don’t rush it. Listen to your body.
Oscar F.
Breakfast is whatever you actually first eat after getting up. You are "breaking your fast" after your sleep. Tea and cookie, bacon and eggs, piece of cake, whatever you first eat – that's breakfast. Even if you've been up for awhile and others are eating lunch.
Dwayne U.
Yes it is. It's about creating the habit of starting your day with a nutritious meal. If two hours after waking up is when it is most beneficial for you, do it then. Just make it part of your morning routine and avoid unhealthy snacks before hand
Fernando E.
It’s better to eat sooner than so late. Your body is “break”ing a 6-9 hour “fast” at breakfast, which it needs to really get moving and energized for the day! Maybe start with a small snack 30-60 minutes after you wake up, and you can slowly retrain your body to get on track!
Dolores S.
I think the first thing you eat in the morning is your breakfast, regardless of how long you’ve been up. The important thing is to eat something healthy first.
Frederick T.
Breakfast is the first meal of the day after sleep and by definition it is ‘breaking your fast’. So of course if your body is not ready to ‘break fast’ then you should give it time to wake and wait until you feel ready to enjoy your first meal. Everyone is different, the most important thing is for you to be in touch with your own body and recognise its needs.
Maya P.
Having something later is better than not having any at all. I think it is fine to have some time before you have breakfast. Drinking warm water on an empty stomach in the morning helps your digestion if you need some help with that too.
Abbie O.
Don’t eat breakfast. Adopt 16/8 intermittent fasting and stick to lunch and early dinner. One or two healthy meals each day is good enough for your body, and gives your digestive system a well deserved break (for 16 hours a day)
Lola F.
Yes it is. In fact it's good to not eat immediately. Instead drink water when you get up, and warm water with lemon so you can alcaline your body. Start with some drops of fresh lemon and see how your body reacts. Natural tea is also a good option
Isaac Z.
Yes! Some people prefer to eat breakfast when they get to work, for example. Always listen to your body, we're all different 🙂 If you can, try drinking some water in these 2 hours to get your metabolism going.
Patsy O.
Some people can’t eat breakfast to begin with. Two hours after you wake up though is better than skipping breakfast, have you thought about making a smoothie or a shake that won’t make you sick in the morning? I used to find it hard to eat in the morning so I began with protein shakes, now I have oats about half an hour to an hour after I wake up at 6am. I hope this helps you 😄
Regina E.
I think it is better to have breakfast not so long after you wake up. When you wake up your body needs the fuel to be fully set for the day. It is important however to have a satisfying breakfast, because when you wake up your body digests food quicker. Considering you have a weak stomach I would say to first drink a glass of water, to hydrate your body, then do your morning ritual and after circa half an hour have something that you think you might be able to stomach for that day (try something rather sweet, perhaps a piece of fruit will do the trick). Do avoid starting your day of with coffee, since it is a rather filling liquid and might keep you from eating healthy. After awhile your body will adjust to have breakfast in the morning and your appetite will be just fine.
Isaiah O.
It's not a breakfast, because your body is already looking for energy. A breakfast doesn't need to be big. Just a handfull of nuts will do.
Samaritano S.
Yes! Listen to your body. But, perhaps you can tolerate some foods and not others. Maybe try one slice of an apple and finish it a bit later. Have you tried pineapple in the morning? Pineapple aids in digestion. Good luck!
Leona P.
I think so! I have an infant so my morning is weird – sometimes I'm up at six, sometimes I'm up at four and then go back to bed to nap… I try to eat breakfast when I'm ready to start my day or thereabouts. If that means when you arrive at work or whenever is convenient, the important is to give yourself energy to fuel those first tasks.
Becky U.
Yes, I think that's fine. You can always change the order you do your habits in to make it a bit later if you feel that works better for you.
Gabriel F.
When you look at the work ‘breakfast’ it says break fast, so I consider breakfast the first meal I eat after fasting for the night (and maybe morning). If it’s late enough in the day to be considered lunch, I count it as both. Hope this helps.
Amelie E.
Whenever you choose to eat the first meal of the day is breakfast. Whether it's 10 minutes after waking or three hours, it counts. Waiting for four or more hours might be pushing it, since you've assumedly been fasting for roughly 8 hours upon waking in the first place.
Alix C.
Absolutely! Infact studies show that waiting a while to eat breakfast has extreme health benefits. Check out the intermittent fasting journey.
Rosalyn Z.
Yes, it is still a breakfast. If you have a long morning routine (like I do, but I eat my breakfast about 1h to 1, 5h after the wake up). If you go out for a run, you usually go before the breakfast and similarly. Therefore, a breakfast after 2 hours, is still a breakfast.
Tilde X.
It is, I think. You should take your time if you have problem with eating soon.
It's needed that you have a breakfast even so.
Alison P.
I do time-restricted-eating so I figure it's still breakfast if you eat later. I just use the reminder to remind me to prep a good breakfast. Also, you have the option to change to order of the reminders. I like to exercise before prepping my breakfast.
Mark Z.
Yes! As long as you have it in the morning and you’re able to tick it off as one of your tasks for the day, it’s all good!
Sherri X.
I used to feel that way too. I started only eating a small amount, earlier and earlier every day until I could eat a reasonable breakfast. I find toast and eggs easy to digest. Now I get hungry if I don't eat first thing.
Veit U.
Hey, so I remember the letter I got about breakfast which mentioned that you can tick it off for the first meal of the day. Since some people fast for religious purposes and hence cannot eat in the morning. So you can copy that and just count your first meal as breakfast and tick it off so that you can continue being fabulous.
Laura F.
It depends when you get up – if at 6AM, the first meal at 8AM is definitely breakfast, if at 10AM, then meal at noon is rather lunch. 🙂 But do not bother with word breakfast – still have in mind that you have to eat the first meal which gives you slowly energy for long time and not sugar bomb with quick, high and not lasting peak of energy.
Ricardo L.
I will say yes as it also depends what time you wake up. I wake up at 5 so 2hours later is 7 am. For me as long as I eat by 10 it's still breakfast even if it is fruits
Batista P.
No I like eating when I wake up. At least 30 min after. Have to shower and brush my teeth first. Eating slows the morning routine down and help me to appreciate the new day. I feel energized after words and it also gives me time to make sure the clothes I picked out is for that day or rather is really good for my mood.