I would like to ask the community what type of activities they engage in. I discovered yoga. I do morning yoga on weekdays and a run during weekends. Open to other suggestions.

Alison E.
I typically don't really do anything until recently I am trying to get into shape so in the morning I do lots of pushups daily, around 40 and I follow this app's workout routines. Once a week,I plan to swim and cycle
Carter G.
I am working towards recovery from surgery and slowly getting back into s routine, I think your doing really well. I will aspire to that. I had once thought I would alternate days, one day yoga and the next run and then yoga. I am not as consistent as I want to be and can be, my goal ya to get to that consistent habit and love for myself that you are working at
Jon S.
Because of a knee injury, my main activities are cycling, working out in a pool and rebounding. I would like to add yoga although I will need to modify it a bit.