Where do you go to find short exercise routines for a quick morning exercise routine?

Casey O.
I personally have this app called workout women that has a bunch of workout options and tells you the length of time it’s going to take you to finish the workout. You can also search up on youtube 7 min workouts and their should be ton. Remember that you are capable of so much! 🙂
Sofia O.
I started with walking as quick exercise for almost 7 min at morning, then with my weight loss issues I downloaded an app called Buttock Workout that have 10 to 12 minutes, have more than 4 exercises to do each 1-2 min duration. And kept a journal at side to reward myself
Sarah N.
Here on fabulous there are some, you tube, my own yoga and walking videos can be done in part for shorter amounts of time
Rara N.
I check for light yet productive moves from internet. I do try yoga. I also do simple athletic moves that removes the stiffness in my body. I get these from my mom since she does this a lot. And also from the YouTube.
Malou B.
You can just search up short exercises on YouTube or Google and then find one that fits the type of exercise your looking for.
Alannah U.
You can either go on YouTube and search I up quick workout or you can go to the bottom of a fabulous moment and do one off her quick workouts there.