For someone who has been in FabApp for some time, which is the best practice? What kind of exercise? Is dancing a good practice?

Victoria A.
I tend to do.what the mppd takes me that day. During the week it is easier for me to walk to work as it has hills and is about 15mins away from the bus stop. On a weekend I will either dance and do housework or yoga/stretching if I want a more relaxed start to the day x
Caroline Z.
I think its great. Zumba is a good start. Some time just getting up in the morning and dancing in the mirror is nice but you should make sure your getting that heart rate up.
Ethan F.
I do dance but sometimes I am not motivated so I attach it to making my bed in the mornings. Why? Because I’m lazy about making my bed. There never seems to be time. So I dance with my pillows and make it fun and silly. This way I get my dancing in and my bed gets made every morning.
Norma U.
I’ve started out with 3 habits for the morning and I honestly think it’s changing my life in a positive way. First, I started out by drinking water right after I woke up every day, then I started eating a healthy breakfast (for me 2 eggs) and finally at this point I’m finishing my morning routine with light exercise. I chose dancing as my morning exercise regimen and it’s working out great. I’m not a good dancer so it puts me in a good mood to just do it anyway and laugh at myself through the process. I dance in front of my family as well and I’m sure they get a kick out of it too. After about a week of this it’s already starting to be something I expect daily and now my challenge is to stick with it for a month and I’m looking forward to the continued benefits of building a healthy morning routine. My best advice to you is that consistency is much more important than quantity when it comes to building habits. Even if it’s just something for a few minutes every day it can have a compounding effect on your life going forward. Hope this helps. Best of luck!
Isabella Z.
My opinion, dancing is the best! I do Zumba all the time! I even put music on and dance around the house when I clean and tidy up. I also have a dog, so any walking challenges I do. Do the best with what you have, and do as much as you can with your schedule.
Quila O.
Exercise actually reactive ones inner strenth, so exercise can be in any form either it could be Dancing or Walking or Yoging or Running or whatever you feel great & comfortable.
Evan P.
For me , yoga asanas work really well. They allow relaxed breathing, stretching of limbs and calming of mind . In short it is a holistic approach towards fitness of mind d,body and soul. Apart from it, power packed Bhangra dancing also helps to boast cardio workout.
Ruben Y.
I think it depends on the person. For me light Pilates and yoga in the morning is best. For the afternoon I like burning away stress and so something more vigorous like Zumba (cardio dance), kick boxing, or aquatic are my favorites. To answer your question, I think dancing is great
Daisy X.
The best practice is one that you enjoy. If you look at it as a chore it is less likely you will keep doing it regularly so if you enjoy it keep doing it. Maybe try out a few things to see what you like and what you dot so much. Good luck!
Elisa U.
At the beginning I preferred a 8 minute walking training. That was more easy to do for me, instead of dancing. Maybe in the future I will try to make some dance moves as mourning routine training
Rafael F.
The answer in many ways depends on you. You need to take small steps. Start with one small habit change and build from there over time. Make your environment conducive to building the habit. So if you are going to run every morning for example put out your running clothes the night before. Dancing is great if you enjoy dancing.
Elvino S.
I think the best practice is to make things achievable. Do an exercise that gets you moving in any way that you will stick to. Dancing is a great practice if you like dancing, but not if you hate dancing. So far this app is taught me that I need to adjust things to be able to stick to it every day and slowly work things in.
Chester U.
Best practice, that is personal, no right or wrong answer. So far, for me, my best practice is breathing and meditation. Exercise, also personal, and for me, it changes. I am now totally okay and don't beat myself up if I only get in 10 minutes. It's better than nothing. And YES!!! Dancing is a great practice!