Yes. How or what keeps you motivated for doing exercise regularly?

Frederikke Z.
Because I'm kind of fat and i want to lose weight. So when I look in the mirror I'm like "i should probably do an ab workout because I'll look terrible when I'll go to the beach". Also, I'm in my summer holiday so I don't do anything the whole day. So I have enough time for workouts.
Dwight U.
Well i realized that i m not proud of myself but i never actually did anything to change it so i started to replace scrolling on my phone with exercising or oversleeping with cooking a healthy breakfast. I really want to reach my goal this time and i m confident that i will and i m sure you will. I believe in you and you should too!🥰
Janett O.
Well the starting motivation was little silly that was to look good. But as the days, weeks, and months passed by, I started feeling happy and appreciated my decision for working out. I started accepting and loving myself better. My body was healthier than ever. Sure there are days when I don't want to exercise at all but I just imagine the after feeling and that is just enough for me to get started and smash it. Hope you find your motivation too. Good luck.