Is it better to exercise at the same time everyday rather than 3x a week but for longer?

Chloe T.
It’s better to exercise at the same time every day because it will be come your routine to exercise at the same time everyday
Perry S.
Establishing a routine is very important. This way, it becomes a natural part of your day. I would suggest exercising at the same time each day.
Iag E.
I think it depends on whether you've been doing this 3 times a week already and for how long. For people just starting off, 7 mins a day feels more manageable than 30/60mins 3 times a week. The whole point here is to be consistent and not get demotivated (which may happen when it feels a drag to exercise for longer). But if you're used to doing longer periods of time less regularly than I think that's more effective for getting stronger etc.
Skye U.
I think it depends on you. If you need that kind or structure and schedule to keep you motivated and feeling great then yes. Me personally I think it’s 50/50. I like the structure and really making the foundation for the habit to stick by doing it at the same time but I can’t expect everything to always run smoothly and be able to do so always at the exact same time. I try to keep it at a minimum and if I know I’m busy that day or woke up late whatever the case is I at least try to keep myself accountable
Dieter Z.
Same time every day for shorter. Your habit will become a lifestyle in a relatively short time. You don’t need to try to remember to brush your teeth-you just do it. You can always increase the time later if you want.
Farrady Y.
I think it depends of in you as a person gets more out of consistency or if you get more out of results. If you are end goal orientated then 3x a week for longer is great and you should be proud for doing it. If you value the committment to exercise over the end result then an every day workout is brilliant
Sofia C.
You should always take at least one day of rest every week, but it is just as beneficial to exercise a little 6 times a week to a lot 3 times a week. To be good for your health exercise should last a minimum of 10 min for 6 times a week or a minimum of 30 min 3 times a week. And a single exercise session should never last longer that 2 hours.
Dila T.
I get a little bit of exercise every day, but really to get my heart rate up it's easier for me to work out for a longer amount of time, less days a week
Jessica Q.
I think exercising at the same time every day is better for me because then I build it into my schedule and routine and it becomes easy. If I say I’ll do it three times a week I’ll likely miss it one day here or there because I have something else going on and then I’ll feel bad and just give up
Kyleigh N.
This really depends on you. I workout everyday for a small amount of time. But, working out three times a week for longer can get you just as strong. It just depends how much you push during the workout.
Charline T.
My thoughts are that _both_ might be best. A short workout every day gets me used to the idea and limbers me up to handle whatever the day brings. It develops the _practice_. A longer workout is good for growth _and_ development.
The work I do is, occasionally, physically demanding, requiring my agility and strength. A quick workout gets me ready for anything. I'm 64, so keeping up or increasing my strength are critical (I want to _live_ longer, not merely exist).
Your answer depends on what your life and routines are, if work isn't too demanding, physically, a daily workout might not be necessary though you should put some movement and stretching in. And if you're good at sustaining a routine you may get away with 3 days/wk.
Which is better? As my answer shows, it depends. But from everything else I've seen or heard, neither has an advantage save for how it fits your lifestyle.
Atamis E.
I like having longer daily workout sessions because they are my "me time" wherein I came be creative and introspective without someone asking me if I'm ok because outwardly I look upset.
Daella E.
yes, no matter how small the exercise is it's better if we create a daily routine because the brain will get used to it.
Nica N.
I am no professional I would have to say do what works for you. I would reccomend The Worlds Fittest Book by Ross Edgely he has some very good insights into working out, diet and nutrition and some amazing stories. Personally I work out in the afternoons but some people prefer morning's. Something light in the morning is eventually going to be worked into my schedule but I do have a very busy morning schedule already.
Claudia W.
I'm no professional but in my opinion you should give yourself some time every morning to do a short work out and once or twice a week dedicate some time to do a longer workout.
Portia R.
It depends on you! Which option are you more likely to stick to? Does doing a little bit everyday for your lifestyle? It's also a mistake to assume that more time is better with exercise. Depending on your goals the"7-Minute Workout" might be all you are looking for. Personally, I think your best bet would be to be active everyday, and mix in more intense or sustained exercises when they fit into your schedule.