Should I increase my exercise time little by little? Perhaps 5 minutes each week?

Madison S.
My exercise time is diffetent every day, deppending on how i feel so you should exercise the time you feel comfortable with.
Riri U.
I personally have workout videos from Pamela reif, so I can't decide if I want to do 5 minutes more or not because the time is given. But if you do your own exercises I think it's a good idea to do this.
Sidd Rtha Z.
Yes. Start small and add more as you go helps especially when trying to stick on a new habit start small and as you go continue to add little by little
Friedo T.
Yes, you could even do 5minutes every 3-4 days to get a faster result. Remember to eat lot so of protein for muscle recovery and fruits and vegetables. And eat sugar and stuff in moderation. And don’t over do it either, listen to your body’s needs!
Nanna Z.
I think such a build up is a good idea! Little by little, one step at a time won't overwhelm you so I'd say go for it. Good luck exercising and have fun!
Claire C.
It should be great if you can do whatever you are doing easily you should surely increase your exercise time. If u can't do it properly do not increase the timing focus more on quality exercise.
Hope N.
I strongly believe in doing what feels right for you. If you want to push yourself a little each week, great! Or if you’ve found 5 minutes or any other extra is too much to be changing weekly, that is more than fine too!! It’s a matter of listening to yourself and your body in terms of what you should be doing. Good luck ✨
Marty A.
Absolutely! When it comes to exercise, it's good to be intuitive and listen to your body – when you feel like you can do a longer workout next time, try making it longer. If on the other hand you feel like it was a bit too much today, make it shorter tomorrow! That way you can make it fun for yourself while not dreading it! Also remember to always choose a type of movement that you enjoy! That helps you to stick to it for longer as well!
Sam S.
Yes. It makes you feel more energised and better about yourself. Even if you don't feel like exercising , once you begin you'd think " why didn't i start sooner?" Although sometimes when you're tired , when you complete an exercise you remain tired. But it keeps you in shape and allows you to feel much better about yourself. So go for it. Increase the minutes per week .