Do you complete your exercise habit in the morning? I often have 6am work meetings, and I sometimes have difficulty getting the exercise in before work.

Emily P.
I have time to exercise in the morning because I don’t have early morning obligations. I live with my family still as a young adult and many of my family members have early morning obligations. This means we Try to go to sleep by 9 and are up at 5. The sleep schedule is one of the most important things to me. I’ve really needed to set aside serious time for my sleep schedule. We do a family story at 8:40, family prayers at 8:50, and lights out at 9. This won’t work for every family of course, but I firmly believe that in order to succeed with your goals in the morning you need to start with the evening before.
Filiz S.
I usually drink water, then I eat breakfast and exercise. I used to have the exact same problem, but after I started using Fabulous I was able to wake up, complete my routine and feel a lot more energized not only in the morning but through the rest of the day.
Ffion Z.
I also work early shifts, I find it much easier to work out in the night- and then shower before bed ready for the next day.
Anton C.
Some helpful tools are setting healthy boundaries with yourself and accepting what you can and cannot control. If I know that I have a early morning meeting that’s out of my control I accept that and focus on what i can control so I’ll do a work out in the evening. I have goals for myself so I think of realistic steps I can take to complete the goals. Unrealistic to me is getting up at 5am to workout before a meeting however it’s realistic that I can take a 30 minute walk in the evening.
Kevin X.
Not always. It is better to exercise at all than to do nothing. Exercise should be done 3 days per week officially. So you might want to plan it before your week starts or you can put them on weekends. Also in the evening is a good choice. As long as it is 3 times per week.
Tobias B.
Yes, I do but I’m still an uni student so I don’t have strict routine.
Anyway I don’t think the time of the workout really matter as long as you do it!
Tommy T.
A workout can mean a variety of activities and doesn’t have to mean you need to go on a long run or lift weights. It can be a stretch, a short walk, some push-ups or a silly dance. Just get moving a bit it doesn’t need to be a body breaker.