How do you find motivation to exercise after coming home from work exhausted?

Giulia Z.
I have the same problem and therefore, i decided to exercise in the morning. I wake up one hour before I used to wake up. It is part of my morning routine.

Ivette P.
It is difficult and that is no joke, but one thing that works for me is scheduling my workouts similar to my work. For example, if I have meetings from 1-3pm, I will schedule a 15 min walk at 3:10pm. This helps keep me motivated throughout the day at work too bc it breaks the monotony.

I also try to plan 2 or 3 short workouts instead of 1 long one. If I break them up throughout the day I am more successful.

Cristina F.
It's extremely hard and I never have motivation when I'm tired, hungry, etc. I've learned that you simply cannot rely on motivation, only discipline can help you. Moreover, I tell myself I'll only do a 15-20 minutes workout and that's much easier to commit to. I often find that once those 15-20 minutes are over, I no longer feel lethargic, my mood is much better and I keep going.