I find cardiovascular exercise makes me hungry. Is there an exercise routine which doesn’t make you hungry?

Gabriele E.
Yoga or a low intensity walk might be better. But if your body is hungry after exercise, that’s great! It means you need fuel. Try eating a protein bar or shake before of after you exercise to keep you full.

Jenny Z.
I’ve yet to find a workout routine that didn’t burn calories and generate an appetite. What I tend to do is exercise in the morning before breakfast, and then take a protein shake paired with breakfast for recovery. I find food more satisfying after a hard workout. Just be careful that you don’t overeat and undo the work you’ve just done.

Eliott E.
Food fuels your body.
Make smart nutritional fuel choices. Protein- grass fed meat and wild caught fish. Vegetables and fruits if allowed. Eliminate breads, crackers , cake, cookies, wheat, grains, juice, sugars- no nutritional value.
Consider Quality over Quantity.

Edvino F.
I don’t know to be honest.. but it’s best to replenish your body with food (especially proteins) within 30 minutes of exercising- no matter what kind of exercise you do. You getting hungry may be your body’s way of telling you it needs to be replenished, so I just go ahead and listen to your body.. eat! Try not to eat beforehand so you’re not overindulging. 🙂

S Leyman O.
Well I don’t know exercise names but I don’t think that there’s an exercise makes you hungry but it only makes you thirsty and breath fast that you think you can drink the whole bottle in less than a minute

Axel Z.
Yes. There is an exercise that is guaranteed to make you less hungry. It’s called ‘eating’, and it exercises your jaw muscles.

Beverly T.
If you are burning calories, you are going to grow hungry, it's relatively unavoidable. High-intensity cardio will occasionally numb my appetite for an hour or two, but it will return with strength. The best plan is to have supper-healthy food prepared for right after your workout (a low-sugar, high-protein shake, a big salad with good fats and protein, or a big omelet with lots of veggies). It's also important not to just focus on cardio. Functional strength training builds the muscles that we use every day, protecting joints, injury, preventing injury, increasing metabolism, literally keeping you young, and just making life easier.

Mads E.
I think all forms of exercise will make you hungry. You just need to eat clean afterwards and not give yourself the all clear to eat ice cream and pizza afterwards.

Jim P.
The hungriness is good! That shows it’s working. Try having a smoothie with protein powder (and healthy fillers like spinach, banana, and frozen berries) as soon as your workout is done. You can even pre-make them and keep them in the freezer packaged individually; just take it out before you go for your workout and it’ll be ready when you’re back!

Connor E.
I recently had a specialized exam at a prominent gym. Though I do not intend to follow though on a membership I found out a lot of information.
I find hunger to be hanging around too be very present in my health challenge. What I found interesting is that a variety of exercise with both repetitive, varying muscle training and cardio will have more of a long term affect than just throwing energy into a single thing. Also it helps balance and range of motion.

Carl Z.
Don't think there is… Cause your burning calories–you have to replenish. Ive found out that cardio makes me head to a long call immediately whichis good since I suffer from hemorrhoids and IBS.

Claude Z.
I like dancing, because it’s entertaining I don’t feel the hard slog is the same as usual cardio. I finish up with some body resistance movement like push ups.

Jared E.
Eat! It's important for recovery. But eat well. Think of your body as someone you love and respect. Feed it what it needs. If you're craving junk food eat a banana or half an avocado with a little lean protein or nuts.

Emil W.
Yes! I’ve found that stretching yoga (hatha yoga) makes my muscles work hard and you can get a bit of a sweat, but I don’t usually get hungry after. Just a nice sore and improved flexibility 🙂

Fabien N.
There is only one other type of working out that Ive done personally. I would suggest looking into exercuse routines that focus on extended muscle tension (Holding weights until you get sore basically)

Donald W.
Walking is probably the only exercise that doesn’t make me hungry I think because it’s something we do naturally every day but even when I put more effort in and walk faster to turn it into an exercise I just feel accomplished afterwards.

Margie O.
This may seem silly, but are you certain it's hunger you're experiencing and not thirst? In many people, myself included, the thirst mechanism is so weak that it's often mistaken for hunger.

Eric N.
Exercise makes you hungry because you are using up your body's stored fuel to exercise and to grow your muscles and to nourish other parts of your body. This is normal, but low impact exercises will of course burn less of your energy and make you less hungry. It may also be what you are eating. Try to stick to slow burning calories…… High protein and low sugar foods. Good luck!

Alberte U.
I will say, I haven't usually experienced hunger after a good workout, though that may have to do more with my workout schedule being mainly nocturnal. Nonetheless, I have read that eating after a workout is okay for digestion because your metabolism should still be firing. Also, maybe make sure that you have enough protein and other fuel in you beforehand, because there is the chance that you're just burning off the nutrients in your body and it's telling you to replenish them.

Tammy G.
Not that I would know of. When a body works it needs energy, sounds natural to me. Maybe you should take a look at your whole diet, see if you lack some ingredients. After a good breakfast for example you should not feel hungry again for a couple of hours.

Clifford O.
You should eat after a workout, just eat whole, natural foods for best results in health and overall feeling. If trying to lose weight eat less calories than your workout.

Irene E.
Every person's body is a little different but I've found that, for me, strength training makes my body craves the calories it requires to rebuild the broken muscle fibers while cardio leaves me not hungry for an hour or two.

Robin O.
More strenuous exercise will more deep ask the body to refuel muscles that have exerted energy. In those situations, the best thing to do is to choose healthy recovery snacks. Less strenuous activity, such as yoga, light dancing, or gentler Pilates routines may lead to less hunger.

Harvey U.
Any type of exercise will increase your appetite since your body is using up its stored energy and therefore needs to replenish it. To combat this hunger you can try to schedule your exercise right before a meal or have a small healthy snack right after your routine.

Isabella G.
I’ve come to realize something with a lot of testing and experimentation. Hunger is very much mental. Especially if you’re overweight. I get more hungry the more I eat. Eating less makes you feel hungry at first but then you get used to it and it doesn’t bother you that much. I run in the mornings, and eat my first meal at lunch. If you can get past those initial days of getting hungry in the morning, it will actually pass and you won’t need it the same way. Don’t forget to drink water though! That’s always important!