What steps do you take to garner confidence to go to the gym regularly?

Carl B.
I go running. Because I crave the endorphin rush after that
Cleonei F.
Right now I'm just using bands at home. I've had things come up and throw my days off just trying to do my best to complete my goals any way I can. including way out the normal time.
Claudia W.
it took me awhile, but after some time i realized that we are all there for our own self betterment. it almost makes the atmosphere more positive than just exercising alone
Ernest U.
For me, it isn’t about confidence. I don’t need any confidence to convince myself to go to the gym. I do need some sort of semi-flexible plan. I usually start with whatever I most want/need to focus on, which could be a certain muscle group or strength vs. cardio, or functional training. Then I build my workout around that. I don’t usually set goals before stepping o to the machine, to give myself permission to adapt to how my body feels.
Gotthard Q.
Multiple steps are taken to garner the confidence necessary. The basic but powerful mental trick is, telling yourself your workout will be one of the most challenging times of your day. You want to quit, you want to stop, but if you finish. That alone will give you the confidence that nothing else will defeat you. Not stress, anxiety or someone's bad attitude. I have my workout prepared. I wear the clothes I plan to work out in or place it over my phone, so its the first thing I think about. Lastly, I make sure to get enough sleep. No one wants to work when they are tired. Doing those 3 things will give you more than enough confidence to get the job done! And it's all for fun, right!?
Ruben X.
I'm starting out by making my home my gym. Starting out with simple exercises in my living room until exercising became routine. Once your body and mind are acclimated to this routine you'll be able to take that drive and progress it by going to the gym and wanting to be there.
Christy F.
I don't go to the gym. I work out at home. I do yoga with a yoga app. And there are plenty of workout videos and apps on the market. It's more convenient and less money this way.
Molly F.
Pack up a bag the night before. If you have everything ready to go you're more likely to stick to your plan of going. If motivation is a problem try buying yourself some nice headphones to listen to your music.
Caleb P.
I don't go to a gym. I work out at home. Don't have to drive to a gym or stand in line for weights or machines!!!!
David E.
I'm not currently going to the gym, since it's costly. The same principles apply for working out at home or in the park. I decide the night before I am going. If there are things to get ready, I do those as well( fill and refrigerate water bottle. Set out equipment, and clothes) if you can't train at your regular time, be deliberate about your plan to get it done.). These things will ensure that exercise doesn't get lost in the day. Be flexible. If you can't do what you normally do, what can you physically do without injury. Consider video chat exercising. It's always great to partner up. We all need someone to spur us on!
Edward N.
I found when i started getting fit.. i accepted a great challenge. It seemed insurmountable in the beginning but all i needed to do was walk… i started small from 1 to 2km… then i was surprised how quickly i could increase my dustance. From there i gained the confidence to get into biking and now back at the gym… so the short answer is small steps can lèad to huge changes… once you get into a routine it is self motivating in that you seek the endorphins after each workout… and then you look forward to it…
Sylwia Z.
I keep sets of different clothes and gear for swimming, biking, weight training, and basketball. If my mind start making excuses of not doing one types of workouts I would tell myself it's ok , go ahead and do something else instead but don't skip going to gym.
Carol P.
Because I know how I feel when I’m leaving the gym, and it’s impossible for me to consciously and honestly think of a reason why I shouldn’t or why I can’t.
Astrid U.
Every morning when waking up, I meditate for 15 minutes in bed, then drink some water and get changed into my workout gear to train home. And I have equipment to be able to work out home.
Elizabeth E.
I have started my ‘Mile a day in Any Way’ challenge which encourages the cardio side and and I like to prove to myself that I am strung by working on the resistance machines