I recently started doing Yoga when I downloaded the Fabulous app. I really enjoy doing Yoga and felt that I wanted to do more than what was we have access to here on the Fabulous app. Is there any other Yoga app or type of Yoga practice that you recommend?

Bernice X.
The NY Times had a yoga app that was a good base routine. I no longer have it and don't know how you'd access it or if you need a subscription. (They also had a workout routine that like Fabulous you can finish in about 10 minutes.)

I enjoyed doing yoga at high temperatures when they still offered that because it seemed to open up the range of motion of your muscles.

Currently due to injuries I have to start over with restorative and Ayurvedic yoga. Sorry if this doesn't help!

Sophie Y.
Yoga studio (white icon with a green and pink lotus graphic) is free and you can either do premade sessions or make your own.
Suzanne U.
Hi, well done on starting yoga! That's amazing. I am a yoga teacher ! I started out practicing from YouTube from a lady called Sarah Beth yoga. She has so many videos and has a clear way of explaining things. I also sometimes look at eckhart yoga, I have Jessica ollies let's start yoga e book and I sometimes use the alo yoga YouTube channel. Yoga is such a vast and wonderful tool. There's so so much to learn and that's why I love it ! Keep going, you're doing beautifully. You can follow my journey @jassyforthesoul
Janine S.
Hi,I personally just use Pinterest and look up random yoga flows but if you want an app there’s one called Sworkit which includes all types of workout plans and it also has yoga . You can also search “yoga” on the app store and I’m sure you’ll find many good apps there. I hope this was useful !
Felix C.
Check out the website DailyOm.com. You can browse their courses by category. The courses are inexpensive…$10-$20 as I remember … and you own them so you can use them over and over. We have it hooked up through our tv to benefit from the larger screen. Good luck!
G Lsen X.
I found this awesome app called Keep Yoga it is amazing it gives you all kinds of yoga and you can setup a plan for you.
Mikkel Z.
The daily yoga app they have loads of things on there for beginners or more complex poses. They also have yoga focused for certain parts of the body
Noelle E.
Yogaglo.com is an incredible site with a HUGE selection of classes with different teachers. It's only $20/ month and so worth it.
Sancho W.
Yes! The best online one I use everyday, has been yoga Download. They organize hundreds of different yoga instructors from all different yoga practices and let users access videos like a library. My favorite instructors are Celest Perira and Les Leventhal. Good luck on your yoga journey! 🌈
Danielle P.
I use Keep Yoga. The app is free but the service has a premium membership option. If you use the app often enough you can unlock most of what the premium buys you.
Georg F.
I use the Daily Yoga app. I only use the free parts right. Ow as I’m am very much a novice.
It has very good videos and lots of content.
Franco E.
Not long ago I downloaded Sadhguru and Isha Kriya app. There are some Yoga practices suggestions and trainings. Maybe you will find there what you need.
Gaud Ncio Q.
I like to do 15 minute ashtanga you by David Swenson, it warms me up and has some stretching part also. It's also good to oxigen my body.
Mathias N.
I'm a dancer and yoga is really good for me. I always go onto youtube and there us a channel called yoga with Adriene, she has a variety of different yoga lessons
Sharlene Q.
There's great number of yoga teachers on YouTube. They publish their videos for free. My favorites are Adrienne, Kassandra, Fight master. Just keep in mind that yoga teachers are also people and have their own perceptions sometimes.
Sinara P.
I have used,for several years, an app called Yoga Studio. The company behind the app has a long history with yoga teaching. It has been my app of choice for yoga.
Christoffer E.
Yes! Check out YouTube some favourites of mine are: Yoga with Adrienne, Psychetruth and Fitness Blender! They are great. There is an app too called Keep Fitness which has everything and Down Dog for yoga only. I hope this helps!
Kevin O.
There are lots and lots of Youtube videos that you can find for free, if money is a factor. I personally like the more gentle forms of yoga, most of the classes near me are the "power yoga" variety.
Anastasios T.
In this app the yoga pose mentioned is Surya Namaskar. This pose in itself is very beneficial. There are a lot of poses in yoga. Parvatasana-stand on one leg, other folded and touching the first leg, hands bend above the head but joined. You can learn many of them from YouTube-Swami Ramdev channel
Antonio U.
I like vinyasa because I get a good stretch but it also forced me to take a moment to breathe which I often don’t do for myself because my life keeps me very busy. Anything that try’s to keep me present is really healthy for me.
Annabell S.
I like the Yoga with Adriene youtube videos. They are all free and there are some great month long programs. I did most of the one in January and really loved it. Also I recommend finding a local rec center that offers classes. They are often less money than the yoga only studios and feel very comfortable for beginners. Good luck on your journey!
Leslie S.
I’ve just been compiling my own playlist of youtube or other yoga routine videos – ones that are straightforward enough for me to follow. If I like the video, I’ll use it again.
Maja N.
I REALLU recommend the youtube channel called yoga with adrein I do yoga nearly everyday and the other days I restor go for a walk or exersice.I do really recommend it tho!!😀😀😁😁☺😄😄💙💙💙
Anna U.
Down Dog is a good one, but there's nothing quite like committing to a good class and doing it with other people at the studio
Danielle B.
Youtube has a ton of yoga routines to offer. I personally like Yoga with Adriane, she has a huge variety of styles, lengths, and intensity so you can go based on what you are feeling.
Ken S.
There are so many great videos on YouTube. When I first started doing yoga at home, I completed almost every single Yoga with Adrianne video I could find.
Ethan F.
I like gaia app. It has a bunch of random other stuff….but great yoga courses. There is a fee…i dont remember the cost. But they have different stylea and teachers. And you can watch it on a phone, tablet or mirror it on a tv screen.
Leokadia G.
I really enjoy and appreciate Yin yoga. I was introduced to Hatha yoga as a child, by my grandmother, and it has been the basis of most of my practice. When I first tried Yin Yoga it was an adult, after a very serious illness. It was exactly what I needed, requiring no strenuous movement, occurring in subdued lighting and a quiet environment. I found (& continue to find) it supportive and nurturing emotionally, physically, psychologically and spiritually. Like returning to the beginning,… a kind of starting over…..
Morris S.
Hello, one app that I've been using is "Stretching" from google play and it isnt a yoga app per say but it does increase your flexibility quite quick. Also, try yoga videos on YouTube, that's the only place I use for yoga, search for "yoga with adriane" channel, she is great at explaining the moves and meets the viewer where they are at, she's got lots of different levels of yoga.