It’s my birthday. Can I take a break?

Anna O.
you've going through all the Fabulous habits, I guess. So why not take some break and enjoy yourself for a day. We could only celebrate our birthday once a year. So it's okay to skip your habits for a day but not forever.

Alexandra S.
Of course! It's just on day and it's YOUR day. Celebration is also important so celebrate yourself! Do whatever you want but if it worries you to much that you're not doing anything productive than do a little bit of work. Happy birthday!

Maria Theresia F.
Happy birthday 🙂 But why would we take a break from a life style? It's not a task that we are performing it's a life style that we are living. Both your birthday and your daily habits are part of that life style. So if you feel that they are conflicting, you need to make some changes on one or both ends to make it work.

Emmie Y.
Think about exercising as a way to make yourself a birthday present. You will feel even better and happier on your special day!

Arise R.
Yes u can, but keeping same routine in every special day and normal day will lead permanent habit where u will feel uncomfortable when u skip one. So making habit permanent habit is better than to temporary. Its upto you wheather u want to take break or not, if u take once later u will find more excuses to take break and stay lazy.

Alejandro E.
I think tour birthday must be the most important day and because of it, you shouldn't take a break of your habits, because if you live with regrets about good habits, probably, you are suffering about it.

J Z.
Hey Happiest Birthday to you! hope you'll have an amazing year ahead. you're doing all these to be better yourself. so don't take a break instead enjoy all these while celebrating your bday but don't force yourself to do all these. it's ok if you rest and do nothing sometimes!

Cinthya F.
These habits are part of your break, they’re a break from a busy life, full of thoughts and people and hassles. Each of these activities is taking a break from all that and just focus on one simple thing that will ultimately give you a happier day and life.

Sherry P.
Your birthday is Your day, which means you should put extra time into caring for yourself, for example by taking your time doing all the habits and rituals you've built up, because you deserve feeling good!

Oliver W.
No, because there's nothing hard, it doesn't matter what day it is, it matters how much energy i got if i need brei can take it any time

Eberhard O.
I would fond a way to work it into your perfect day. Drinking water in the morning makes you feel better, so why would you skip this on a day when you want to feel great? Same goes for exercise, maybe change it around to fit your different schedule, so it feels less like a 'have to' but a 'want to'. And remember, if you want cake – eat it. Otherwise you'll spend hours eating other things until you finally eat it anyway! It's your birthday, do what's going to make you feel great!

Kelly J.
Of course! Rest is essential. You need to rest to replenish the energy you used, to be able to wake up energized the next day. And it's your birthday!!! Don't feel guilty of taking a break. Enjoy your day. Eat cake and ice cream. Eat the food you like. Take a break, you deserve it!

Happy birthday! Wish you all the best!