How to I remind myself to be conscious about exercising.

Glenda G.
Try watching or listening to motivational videos or audio while exercising. The mor motivated you are to do something, the more conscious you will be while doing it.
Silje F.
Find out your ”why”. Why are you exercising? Because you want to feel better, it’s healthy for, you feel happier? Most often you get motivated by these inner feelings compared to superficial things like I want to loose weight or I want to have a firm body.
Valeska J.
Apple watches make great devices to remind you to get on your feet. They make great motivators, period. I especially like mine because it keeps a close watch (no pun intended) on my heart and hydration as well.
Kristin T.
I make sure I put my exercising clothes and other stuff like arm band or earphones with my running clothes. A place where when I wake up I can see and Not avoid it and make a goal to do at least 10 minutes work out whether it's yoga or something or going for a 30 minutes run.
Julian O.
Tell yourself, using words, frequently, that you love exercising. Say it out loud! In front of people! I LOVE EXERCISING; I FEEL SO GOOD WHEN I DO IT! Keep doing that until you no longer feel embarrassed or shy. Treat exercise as a delicious joy! And if you don't truly feel that it is, then perhaps choose a different exercise so that you can truly love it.
Don U.
Set an alarm for a time you KNOW you will be able to exercise, and one for an hour before to remind you to get things ready. When the alarm goes off, just do it.
Magnus W.
Play! Play until you find a difficult movement and you can choose to almost meditate on that movement if you want to. At the moment, I’m playing with an exercise ball and I’ve found that balancing on my knees is a good way to stay conscious of my core. Have fun!
Teresa R.
Perhaps write it down, schedule it, follow the Fabulous recommendations of making your gear visible… consciously think of mobility as a privelege and you might find new aspects of your physical well-being to improve.
Felecia Y.
I make a commitment to myself that I must do it daily as 1. It's the way to practice self love; 2. My body always feels great after exercising; I feel proud to myself that I can win it and 4. I can make a new habit and gradually become a better version of me.
Agostinho A.
You could set an alarm or reminder on your phone. You could schedule it just like any other meeting or appointment on your calendar. Try to plan ahead for it. Once you start working it into your daily routine it should become a habit.
Rosa Z.
Usually when I’m on my lunch breaks at work I go to the park nearby and going for an hour walk. Sometimes during the week I go to the gym after work, but often times I’m so tired after work. My job mentally drains me. On weekends I try to be more active and will walk a lot and sometimes go for runs too. I need to have a time in the evening right after work where I go to the gym everyday to make it a habit. I find myself give one day off and it tends to snowball effect into continually missing the gym and then I tend to eat worse too.
Utz Y.
I personally set a time range, as life can be unpredictable sometimes. It also helps if I'm watching TV or something in my downtime, I can watch and stretch and burn out a few reps of something… maybe during commercial breaks. And setting a small goal of 5-10 min helps it not seem so big a task.