How do you deal with injuries, for exercising?

Christoffer E.
Generally if there is any injury due to excessive excercise or any other daily activities, thenfor next 3-5 days I do light to moderate excercise, particularly avoiding the areas of pain or discomfort. But if the pain is such that any movement hurts then restrain from excercise for 2-3 days then start with brisk walking
Meira F.
Depending on the injury, like for instance if you sprained your wrist, try a different work out that doesn't involve your wrist and let it heal.
Kylene P.
I will avoid using whichever muscle or body part hurts until it is healed enough and I can exercise without pain. During this time I will still do activities like walking as active recovery. When I started doing yoga, I put my weight on the wrong part of my knee, so for two weeks I skipped or modified any pose that involved kneeling or putting weight on my knees. As best as I could, I would continue my exercise habits with modifications to let my injured parts rest. For muscles and tendons a warm bath with Epsom salts is nice too. I once had tennis elbow so I sat in hot water and slowly extended my arm.