What is your motivation to exercise?

Carl W.
For me, I have alot of medical issues. I have alot of injuries to my legs that caused me to have alot of metal in both my legs. That caused me to be in a wheel chair for a long time. Hince I gained alot of weight. I want to exercise to get the weight of my body and joints. Trying to give my body more of a fighting chance against my medical issues. I want to live healthier and enjoy my life. I am 50 now. I want it to be a long life. Living unhealthy I feel will shorten it. My body struggles with the weight it's not used to carrying. I wish you good luck.
Annemarie X.
My body feels like I have had a massage after a session of hot yoga… I really look forward to the end of my session 🙂 good luck
Thies N.
I stay motivated by knowing that it’s important for my life and can determine how healthy i am. Also knowing your why is very important because even even when things are tough i always go back to my why.
Zeki Q.
My doctors said that I have problems with health 🙁 I was a bit scared.
Also, I want to feel more energized!
And become an Iron Man!
And be strong!
And dancing without risk of losing consichness
Ga L T.
A mix between fanatism, self love and a wish to be healthier. I’ve been trying to learn some dances from an anime I watch. And I’ve pushed myself to get my but up and dedicate at least 10 minutes to it. By mixing something that I like with something that I don’t but must do it helps me keep myself motivated. Good luck!
( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
Leonora B.
I am aware of living healthy. To keep fit food, exercise and sleep is must. On the contrary am also concern about the disease burden. So I want to follow routine and maintain discipline. All this are my motivation for doing exercise.
Virgil S.
Firstly my daughter's. Not simply so I can stay active and keep up with them as they grow.
Mostly actually to be a better mum for them.

Secondly, When I exercise I get to rid myself of whatever energies are harbouring themselves in me at the time. Clear my head, breathe and focus on the task at hand.
I know I am a better person when I move my body, and the positive feelings that movement evokes in me lasts a lot longer than a quick hit indulgence.
The fact that we see ourselves as "so busy" but still prioritise our health and our bodies by making time in our busy schedule to exercise sets a good example for our girls.
At the end of the day, I think setting up healthy habits now that we can sustain into the future we will help our Daughters achieve the same in their lives.

Candice Z.
We're trying to get pregnant. Even though many women can get pregnant when overweight, I have "unexplained infertility" issues and a healthy BMI could greatly increase my chances of becoming pregnant
Tracy Z.
I want to live a long life & I want it to be a happy & healthy life. I’m an independent person and I want to maintain that independence! I visit folks in senior care facilities who can’t be independent because of physical limitations that could have been overcome had they been stronger and more fit from the outset. It also is a source of pride and hope in my current context!
אופיר טל N.
Pretty specific for me, but I got cast as a dancer for a small musical and I am so out of shape it's ridiculous. I want to be able to do rehearsals and not be out of breath in the middle. Before it, though, it was 'getting healthy', but it didn't really work for me. Maybe it's better to have a specific goal in mind to reach at the end of the year/in 6 months/idk how long!
Edith S.
I started noticing the energy boost I get from exercising in the morning, i.e. I no longer crash in the afternoon, but can last until middle to late evening without crashing. So now, if I think about skipping exercise, I think about how awful it feels to crash in the afternoon. Then, I am fully motivated to get moving in the morning. I also have multiple options I can choose from in the morning, i.e. a body Groove workout, a seven minute workout, or a yoga workout. This way there is always something I'm in the mood to do.
Ryan F.
The exercise itself feels good. I have been doing it for a long time and my mind adjusted to the point where if I don’t exercise I feel like somethings missing from my day.
G Lten S.
Right now I’m only doing small exercises. Just something to get my blood pumping. Keep it simple at first. Build the habit then build on your goals
Nemo T.
It helps with my back pain and migraines. I also want to work on my felixibility, strength and stamina so that I can do aerial circus arts better and better. 💪
Lucien Z.
Exercise allows me to feel energetic and healthy. I have more productive days after working out in the morning. Also, I want to become stronger so I can be more actively involved in community activities such as marathons and bike races. Exercise improves out mental health as well! It’s motivating!
Isabel O.
I go to Orange Theory Fitness and you have to sign up for a class in advance and if you cancel the day before it’s $12. Not much, but having a set time and appointment and a consequence if you don’t go helps hold me accountable.
Gotthilf F.
I'm so lazy, so my belly is fat and My body always feels like exhausted. I want to change my body and make my health better
Afraa N.
I have found that exercising gradually starting from 8 minutes workout made me feel that it is very easy to exercise and made me very excited to start every morning with 8 min workout, also I can feel how these workouts streches my mussules and I became more comfortable and feel healthy after every morning routine. I have been accustomed with 8 min workout and I have increased it to 30 min workout already, it feels somehow difficult from the first day, but I’m sure that I will be accustomed after one week only.
Oli W.
Do you want to be successful and unfit? Do you want to be in a great relationship but unfit? Do you want a family but be unfit? No no no. Health before wealth. Health before love. Health and happiness are the key to unlock love and wealth. Motivation to exercise, keeps you moving, gets fresh oxygen blood to the brain, sweat out toxins, release pressure, generally feeling good after exercise. The question should be what’s holding you back from exercise? If nothing then count to 5 and go do it!
Kya N.
Diabetes, heart disease, and obesity runs in my family . I need to keep myself healthy in order to be happier with myself and for myself.
Luke E.
I do yoga in the morning, I feel really calm and energetic the whole day when I started my day with yoga. That's my motivation. Bonus points are along with these benefits I don't get migraine now, I don't get wheezing now. I feal great and healthy
Luci F.
I picked a rolemodel, not a fitness model from instagram, but someone who shows the joy of working out or runing. I also try to remember that amaizing after-workout feeling. I don't need a perfect body to show off, I just want to feel that I 'm strong.
Isabella X.
To let my hair down for a while, to concentrate on my body, on my breathing (that’s so relaxing!) and to be proud of my body!
Trudy F.
My motivation for exercise is that I want to see my grandchildren grow up. I want to be my best self both inside and out.
Amanda P.
If it's difficult, like going on a run in the morning.. I make a really fun playlist that makes me want to dance. I know the sense of accomplishment – that I've already done something so productive that day – feels really good…that's another motivation. I also sign up for dance-focused workouts because dancing is my favorite activity, so my brain goes "oh, this is hard but it's so fun!"
Caterina P.
I want to feel better with my lupus grow more limber and feel in control of my body. But lately it feels like my body is in control of me by zapping my energy. So a simple 10 minute beginners yoga still isnt too much and I should remind myself that on most days o can do that!
Lindsie S.
I want to become someone I'm not. I want to be renewed and empowered. I want to model positive change for my family. I want become healthy and energetic. I want to fight and win against depression. I want to love being me.
Jeva V.
I like to keep my body flexible so I do yoga every morning, even 10 minutes are beneficial if I do eat consistently. Also I like the slight ache in my mussels after the training that gradually becomes pleasurable tingling. And I always make myself my favourite brew of tea after my exercise to reward myself and make it a morning routine.