Do you have to always do the same kind of sport or can you alternate? Like one day I’ll walk to school, another I’ll do some yoga, etc.

Sa Ba O.
I am doing always the same kind of sport, I love routine sometimes, it's positive thing. For example after the breakfast I go to walk later in the morning I am doing meditation and yoga, in the afternoon some muscle exercises. Routine also is good for your body muscles and rest day routine's also is important.
Tobias Y.
The last couple years I was only doing cardio and a little aerobics but this year I decided to go for a change and do something new and I chose yoga as a new challenge
Kairi X.
In my opinion, I think it is fun to mix up the workouts! It is healthy to do different kinds of exercise because it allows you to stay fit, but to also have fun with the exercises. Hope this helped!
Giulia A.
I like to alternate muscle area: one day I do abs, the next day booty and legs, then arms… So I reduce the time of workout and I'm able to do a little everyday. I also try to go everyday at work by walking or biking.
Mohammad N.
Yeas, I alternate sport that I do, in different days I exercise more one part of body, so the exercise are different. Also I give time for exemole for legs to relax a day… but it depends.
Jackson W.
I like to alternate, because doing the same thing everyday seems boring.
And if i didn't, i go with the flow not really thinking about what should I do this morning.
Jesy W.
I like changing things up because I get bored easily. I dance one day then I do a lot of walking the next then I do strength training the next day. The rule of thumb for me is to keep moving everyday. Even on rest days, I still do chores that may seem light but it allows me to move given that my work requires me to be in front of the computer for more than 8 hours a day.
Maddie N.
Absolutely not! I switch it up every day. You should keep in mind that your life is going to be very dynamic, and so whatever exercise you feel suits that day is what you need to do. I feel that thinking you must do the same exercise every day will get A) monotonous and B) stressful. Thinking you have to do the same exercise every day will add stress if some situation prevents you from doing that activity. Say you’ve committed to going on a thirty minute walk every day, but one day it’s pouring rain. Or say that you’re at a friend’s house. You really need to do whatever suits your situation just so that you know you’re getting some beneficial activity in for your body. For example, yesterday I had a lot of energy and I was alone at home for a few hours, so I did a couple of workouts and went for a walk. Today, however, my family has been home all day and I’ve been a bit more tired, so I just stuck to some yoga in the morning. Never feel you absolutely must stick to the same old thing every day.
Louanne O.
I can alternate and I like to alternate. I get easily bored of doing the same exercise and it becomes a dread after a few days. If I keep doing different things I don’t fall into the I won’t like it because I’ve already tried it trap.
Vicki Y.
No you do not have to do the same each day one day I will do the horses and lift the wheelbarrows and the next I will run around the woods