How do you stay motivated and achieve your fitness goals?

Vicki U.
Wanting to be better for myself. Haveing to be more responsible for my life, my body an just haw I feel. I’m after a better more enjoyable job. But taking responsibility for healthy habits throughout the day needs to be done regardless on my way to bettering myself across all my goals!!!
Grazyna C.
I love working out. Well not all parts of it – some exercises I love others I hate , and that’s okay. It took me a long time to start loving it. At first I felt gross and tired and dreaded going to the gym. But like any habit, if you stick to it eventually it becomes a part of you!
Tina J.
Fitness results don't appear right away, so I need to stay focus that if I want results I have to keep working hard, and with a good diet, soon the mirror will show me some results.
Steven S.
I don’t stay motivated. Motivation is a feeling and feelings are fleeting. However, I make sure never to give up on myself. While I have not recently met my goals, I have met many goals of mine in the past and am using myself as an example to keep going.
Claude Z.
Find the fitness which suits you best, you need to enjoy just 'doing' it, regardless the times you've already done it..
L Ia F.
I remind myself of where I want to be and how happy I'll be when I'm there. I think of what I'll be able to do then that I cant now and of how healthy I'll be.
Beatrice Z.
I read Atomic Habits and it had a huge impact on how I viewed how I was spending my time and let me evaluate what I wanted. I started a challenge with my friend and we keep each other going. It scares me as I get older that I’m losing some mobility and that motivates me to move more. I want my body to perform the way it should and I need to remember that I should put in the work to accomplish that. It also helped that I realized when I see skinny and beautiful women they weren’t just born the way. Everything takes work. Work toward a goal, but it needs to be larger than I want to lose 10 pounds because at the end when you lose 20 pounds, then what? Think what you want beyond that and why you want it.
Claudius S.
I always try to have my goal in my mind and remind myself about the reasons why I want to achieve the goal. Personally for me health is the most important motivator, so whenever I begin my workout, I remind myself of how important it is for me to have a healthy body and soul, and working out is crucial in staying healthy. That's how I stay motivated – I want to be healthy and in good condition when I'm old, and that's a huge motivation for me.
Gon Ala E.
I would say I don’t stay motivated… my motivation comes and goes. So I like the idea of having this morning routine that builds in only the smallest amounts.. so nothing new requires that much of an effort. Slow and steady I guess.
Serenity G.
No matter what at some point you will plateau this is ok. It means your body excepts the exercise you are doing and it is now comfortable. That is why you must change the routine up and include other areas of fitness into your routine. If you run add maybe weight training along with grouping in intervals of sprints and light jogging or inclines/hills. Mixing that in with long runs and see that you will have more power and stamina and can more than likely achieve a new PR. Just like you enjoy variety in your diet your muscles enjoy a variety of exercise to increase the maximum potential!
Deusdedito Q.
I do Yoga & Tia Chi and dance alone at home or with my girlfriends. I had to take a Yoga class in college when I was 17. Proper instruction in breathing into a position verses moving into it, showed me how an inflexible person like me could easily become a pretzel was fascinating and even more… relaxing. I fell in love with it and have been doing it since. I also followed with my Graduate Thesis around Yoga and Stress and Health. Then, after an extended time under stress, while doing doctoral work, MS shows up. Yoga and physical fitness has been my saving grace. I do Yoga and stretching and Ti Chi and walk with gratitude because I went a week without being able to do any of the above and I have watched friends and family have very different struggles with this illness so doing all I can to remain healthy is all motivation within itself. Doing Yoga for 40 years this September has definitely served me well and extended my health and happiness and been a main contributor to my quality of life. Seeing exercise as a gift, approaching it with gratitude…
Gertrud Z.
I found it hard to exercise everyday without a training program.
It maybe look easy to exercise about ten minutes a day and you think there is no necessary importance for it.
But here’s why:
First of all: when I make a program for exersice,become so avid to complete it.
When I use from professional people advice to exercise I’m not worry about losing important moves or do it wrong and this make me more comfortable and I feel I’m in the right way.
You can use stretching applications on your phone for start or home training apps it really helps.
Benjamin C.
I have a huge problem in the department of motivation. Even if I manage to get motivated it doesn’t last long. I wish someone could give me the answer as well. For now I try to get myself to the gym as often as I can. Over there I have a personal trainer who takes care of the session atleast. And in terms of eating healthy. I remember all the terrible fat shaming comments from my loved ones that kill my hunger
Olivia C.
I wake up early enough to allow time to record my no and how many hours I sleep. I have not reached 6 hours of sleep even though I play tennis and walk. My nutrition habits are good.
Ilias Z.
I’ve noticed lately if I drop off doing healthy things for me. I’m much quicker to ‘get back on the horse again’.

Doing the journeys on this app has taught me not to be hard on myself when I don’t do it and I congratulate myself for getting back to it. So it’s never been more than a week and it’s genuinely become / becoming a routine for me that I’m not putting a lot of thought into. There is less negative energy or self talk. Which means I just get on with it.

Also the celebrating challenge I thought was a bit naff and I was tempted to ‘skip it’ but I did it and I honestly think it’s helped. Today, I really really didn’t want to do my Pilates class. I went, it was ‘painful’ but I celebrated going and was thankful I did go after all. Other days I just do something small like get out of my office at lunch and go to the other end of town to eat. I get the walk in, get fresh air and sunlight as well as get a change of surrounding. Easy and I feel good about the small ‘wins’ also.

Juc Lia Z.
You could use the fitness goals and try something you have never done! I learned how to stand ona bike because of the fitness goals
Abel Y.
Developing a strong why on the onset of an exercise routine will help the less motivating feelings that arise and recognize that these are feelings/thoughts that come and go versus that committed why. A consistent daily meditation will help with the mindset of sticking with the goal regardless of feelings.
Steven F.
I'm motivated by the desire to regain optimum health and retain enough energy both physically and mentally to navigate the tough demands of my working day.
I've been working out for over a year now for not less than four times a week for at least 45 minutes in the gym.
Sara W.
Your goals are your North Star. No one has ever been to the North Star itself, but orienting yourself towards it has uncovered countless wonders, and has proven the souls of the worthy.
Hilda E.
I want to be a better wife and a better person. I’m hoping by doing this it will become easier to get out of bed in the morning to start my day
Valerie F.
I do it as a must be done task . I fix the time to exercise and start my workout. I always find a reason to skip but make it a task that has to be completed. After the start it felis good.