Do you exercise to lose weight or to feel better?

Patrizia P.
Actually i’m a little underweight, so i exercise to try get more muscle, and by doing that i feel better with myself, with having a “routine”
Benedetta Y.
Both, I do it for my body and my mind!
Losing weight is important to feel better and it automatically take me to be more active.
Gloria E.
I exercise to lose weight, feel better and be healthier, I dont like my body and so when I exercise it gives me motivation, and I breath easier and it's just like killing a whole flock of birds with one stone 🙂
Shubhangi X.
I have thyroid issues, so it’s very difficult for me to lose weight. This has often stoped me in the past from even attempting to exercise. But I realize now that I can use exercise to feel better, rather than “looking better”. So ultimately I exercise primarily to feel better and healthier.
Patrizia P.
Sometimes I don’t feel like eating and wait for an hour, or when I have the opportunity to eat, and if I still don’t feel like eating, I take one bite, and then i realize I’m snarfing the food down.