How you celebrate ..after completing the routine

Zahra T.
Well, you can nevet go wrong with looking yourself in the mirror and just pat yourself on the back and give yourself some words of kindness.
Chrissie Y.
I usually do something that feels nice and I dont do that often, like taking a long bath or going for a walk in a sunny day. You could try finding some time for yourself and spend it in activities that make you feel great. Even if it's only for 10 minutes, know that this is your time and enjoy it!
Andrea F.
I celebrate by squeezing my hands into fists and tense my arms and neck, while feeling the energy through my veins and telling myself “come on, yes yes, come on, well done!”
Gerald E.
For me it’s about dancing. I love jumping up and down, spinning in circles and just doing a little move to my favorite music at the time whether it be a prince song or a song by the weekend.
Emma T.
I give myself a pat on the back and smile at my reflection in the mirror. I tell myself I’m doing great (yes, our loud- you need to hear how well you’re doing!) and sometimes I put on a favorite song and just dance! Do something that makes you feel great, and you’ll come to crave that feeling.