What to do when you’re on a roll but have a down day and don’t wanna make it a down week/month?

Jaime Y.
I allow myself time to rest and feel those feelings so they don't build up inside me, express them and use outlets that are healthy for me like music or crying or exercising or gaming. I get some encouragement going from supportive people in my life or consume inspirational or funny videos and get myself to a better place. I allow that day to be a day with a plan to snap back into action the next day. Consistency is key for results for me but I know not everyone has a linear productivity with their success.
Martin W.
I aim for consistency over intensity overall. So for those overwhelming days, I predetermine what a 40% effort looks like practically. (i.e if regular workout is 100 pull ups, I'll only need to do 40 pull ups to be considered 100% completion for those inevitable days). So instead of feeling guilty or like a failure when I'm weak, it build my inner grit to accept where I am today and do what I can, I stead of an polarized all or nothing mental state that makes it even less likely that I will preserve when I encounter another challenging day. It's build mindset that I can always do something with whatever I have, I'm not helpless. It develops resilient. Then actually you look forward to those days as benchmark of true growth