What is your intensity level when exercising?

Amaro Z.
My intensity level is very mid-level. I do Hatha Yoga often which is a combination of strength and breath work. Other levels of intensity workouts I've done include Vinyasa yoga and the stairmaster.
Landon Z.
My intensity is light such as walking everyday for 20 minutes or playing with babies for 15 – 20 minutes at least twice a day.
Ariela Q.
Depending on whether I make it to the gym or not, my exercise intensity level varies a lot. I make sure to get at least an hour of gentle exercising in (walking, stretching, yoga) and when I go to the gym (normally 3 times a week) I try to push myself more.
Dwayne J.
I have not been exercising for quite a few years already so as I've just started with all this now I exercise 7 minutes every day in the morning. And I try to stick to it. Later I hope I'll have more energy and I'll go to a gym once or two times a week
Frida P.
In the middle I'm like the person that is not lazy to do it but don't exercise consistently may be in a week minimum of 3 days a week and a maximum of 5 or even sometimes 6
Zen Bia P.
My intensity level for exercise is about less than 50% of what I can give I think I can increase this to 75% by adding weight I think I can also make it more consistent by wearing Gear like comfortable shoes and clothes for exercise I also think I can increase the intensity by having a plan or a routine and also rewarding myself for sticking with my routine
Crispiana N.
I go a little bit harder than I’d be comfortable with, but not hard enough so that I’ll hate exercising the next time. That level changes day to day, but over time, it is a steady increase of intensity. I think people would describe it as high intensity now, but I started off at low.
Em Lia N.
When first getting back into exercise or just starting to exercise, I measure intensity by whether or not my heart rate increased or if I’m starting to sweat. Initially, I set my intensity to something comfortable where I feel my body working harder to keep going, but not so much that it is painful or I am unable to complete an exercise. Comfort is the key indicator. You want to be just a bit outside of your comfort zone so that you’re making progress without making yourself too sore to exercise again the next day.
Fanny U.
It depends on the day. On my rest days I still exercise but I have them low impact such as going on a 45 min walk. Other days are high impact where I may do a series of sprints with 30 sec rest intervals.
Sarah W.
Currently? Wel, since I’ve had 3 babies in the last 36 months, my intensity is real low. Just walking – though I often push a stroller or have a baby on my back. I used to lift weights a few times a week, hot yoga, and run a couple 5k’s per year. I want to get back to that!
Bartholom Us U.
it really depends on the type of exercise. If I am hiking I sometimes go lower intensity but longer distance. I ll mix it up with higher intensity hilly terrain or carry a loaded back. weights I tend to go lower weights but increase the intensity by minimal rest between sets.
Lise E.
I am not really sure but I am into walking for an hour or so and dancing. I don’t focus much on weights and all but I will try
Melissa S.
It depends on how I’m feeling: if I am exercising because I have to, I will slack a little. If not, I will give it my all. It also depends on how my life has been… If I have been exercising regularly, it’s easier to exercise harder – especially when it comes to running.
But remember: even if it does not go how you want it to go, at least you came and you made it through. Good job!
Mabel W.
When first starting, intensity level is low. The focus should be on good form, and letting muscles get used to the movement. After that, I try to push myself as hard as possible.
Marie E.
right now, when I do exercise, it’s more important that I do it at all than that I do it in any specific way. So I’m more doing stretches and warmups and it’s super light intensity. I do hope to step it up once I have the routine more established
Silje W.
It’s more important to me to do the exercises correctly or to the best of my ability rather than push myself intensely. Our bodies are all different. You must know what exercises your body responds best too. That way you are in sync with your body instead of fighting its natural rhythms.
Rodney Y.
I prefer doing Yoga in the morning as i want to increase my mobility. It is similar to Hatha yoga where we stretch and do breathing. I also do burpees and pushups on alternate days
Charlotte E.
Based on my work schedule I have implemented an exercise schedule to fit. I do three days per week in the gym with resistance training low intensity cardio after each workout. Additionally, the other four days I have in hand I do HIIT workouts on at least two of those days
Romane Y.
The exercise I do as part of my morning routine is usually yoga. I vary the length of time from 10 mins to 30 mins. I do strength and cardio later in the day
Axel T.
Very very light jogging so much so that i walk faster than me jogging, it helps me finish my routine since my stamina is terrible.
Oscar W.
Pretty mild. I always remind myself that exercising at all is better than not at all. When I am in great health and feel especially motivated, I work out with more intensity. But some days I just do some push ups and high-knees.
Andre Z.
Right now, slow and steady wins the race! I used to do Insanity and other really intense interval workouts. I got great results but it didn’t feel sustainable. I’m trying to focus on being consistent with LISS cardio with a little body weight training thrown in. We’ll see how that goes…
Dila Q.
Really depends on the time of day and amount of energy-related activities I've done through the last few days. Yoga is great. So is just meditation or walking, but so is riding a bicycle up a mountain. The important part is making sure you do it.
Liesbeth Q.
I personally hate going to the gym to work out. I work out at a park or in my house with a dumbbell and a pull up bar. I do high intensity work outs for 30 min to 45 min at most. I’m not a fan of long working out. So I push hard
Tamara C.
I am more of an endurance athlete, rather than a speed racer so I go relatively slowly but will go for along time (hour and a half, give or take). I burn out with speed and react better to longer workouts.
Rudolfo N.
It really depends on how well I’ve rested and what sort of training I am doing. My HIIT workouts are usually very intense, but my heavy lifting isn’t as intense since I’ve several injuries to considering.
Frida A.
I always try to push myself to my limit when working out. I also make sure to listen to my body though. If i feel like my body is more tired, I make sure to take it a little easier than I would on a normal day.