I see the app working for me. I am now recommending it to every person looking for a way to break a bad habit. What are some ways you’ve motivated your peers to build better habits with you?

Yilmaz X.
First of all, how wonderful that you feel that the app is also helping you to change your habits and learn new ones.
What I realised when it comes to inspire others around me, is that when I talk to people close to me about how I am doing lately, they mention on their own that they see so many changes in me and that I am radiating. And this without mentioning the app at all. This triggered me to tell them about how the app has been helping me, by changing habits with baby steps. I shared how I experienced the first few days and how I might have struggled on some days, but got back on track thanks to the app and their inspiring stories.
If they are interested in changing things in their own lives, they will ask you more about the app at this point. Change happens by seeing change happen. It can't be forced.
I wish you a wonderful road ahead and hope that you reach all the goals you set for yourself.
Selli, a fellow traveler
Toya W.
I've gotten coworkers to join a challenge of loosing weight my husband works out with me and I've started a savings challenge with some other folks
Dafne W.
I remembered why I started. I was thinking about how happy I will be after it. I was thinking about that, how strong I am.