How do you convince yourself to exercise on days when you feel awful?

Santiago T.
I don’t think about it too much. If I’m feeling great or I’m feeling down it doesn’t matter. All that matters is powering through the workout, one exercise at a time.
Enzo A.
I compromise. If my body feels bad then I listen to it and take it easy. You could do a basic >2 min stretch for the muscles in the a.m. A low impact walk outside in the late afternoon sun for 10 min or so gets two birds with one stone. A few min dance party while folding the laundry is fun and easy too. Steady as she goes. it doesn't matter how slow you go as long as you don't stop. You can do it.
林品臻 N.
Recently I watched a TED talk on how one minute could make a big change ( I forgot the exact title to the speech but it’s something similar), so the video explains how you shouldn’t force yourself to do something you really don’t feel like doing but instead keep the belief that anything will do. For me, I try to follow at least one exercise video everyday. On the days when I feel better, I follow a harder one, when I feel down or just awful, I go with a easy one. The idea is just that if you push yourself too much, it’s gonna be hard to continue
Greta E.
I know that after I will feel much better. So I try to focus on that. Of course, there are days, that nothing works so I let myself to lay on sofa with ice cream two three times per month
Stavros R.
I convince myself y telling myself, if i do some exercise now maybe i will feel better. (unless i am not sick) us to be honest doing exercise is something I really dont have to force my self to do it. But i only skip exercise on Friday which means weekend
Noah U.
Somedays I rethink twice if I should head to the gym or not and then after a while I get bored and then make up my mind to go to the gym and spend atleast an hour or two.
Xisto Q.
I reflect on days I feel awful and I strive to reach for the stars as should you it doesn’t even have to be a core workout you can have fun with go on YouTube and try to find dance workouts or you can do yoga just tell yourself to reach for the stars
Nick R.
To be honest, at the moment, I don't. I find it very difficult to find the energy to exercise when I don't feel well. If there is one thing that works it is actually to pay for a group class of a sportive activity I really enjoy.
Joshua W.
You just have to go with the flow or have dedication and be motivated too do it if you want to look different and feel good
Babydoll Q.
I think about how excerising will only increase my mental and physical health which I dearly wish to improve. I also know that I'll feel better once I give it a go and at least try to do my best. I feel more accomplished when I complete a task.
Alessandra Q.
Well what I do when I feel lazy or don’t feel myself that day, I just set a goal for myself and motivate myself and look at the negative things about if I don’t do the exercises this will happen to me if I do not do them. And then I have someone do exercise with me to help me.