How can I wake up early for doing exercise? I really like sleeping and nothing could wake me up early except my 11 months baby :) What’s your motivation for doing exercise as routine?

Andr A Y.
One method to motivate yourself is putting your gym clothes in your room so that it won't take as much time to start your gym routine. By taking the first step and putting on your clothes immediately after waking up, you may feel more energized. Another method is doing the bare minimum exercise possible. Just do 3 jumping jacks and call it a day. It is easy to meet and exceed this goal, so you may give you the constant feeling of accomplishment.
Personally, I go with the 2nd method on busy days and the 1st method on slower ones. I hope this helps!
Yumi A.
I love sleeping too and I think "Why do I have to get up? It feels so good in bed." Yet I go for a walk for 30 minutes every morning now. It really helped me to reward myself to have dark chocolate and mushroom coffee after the walk. And I have them in my favorite chair while watching cute colorful little birds on the trees. When I feel unmotivated to get up I think of my favorite dark chocolate and the aroma of mushroom coffee waiting for me. And that becomes my motivation and it's powerful enough for me to get up😆🤍
Swathi N.
Kudos to handling the mother duties gracefully! To exercise early in the morning, you can make yourself the priority, so that you have the motivation to do better for yourself, and in turn you will obviously be the best in serving your loved ones too. Remember, love your body throughout the journey and you can actually do it.
Elgar Q.
I wish to exercise to get out of my sleepy mood and into productive zone quickly. I used to rely on the instant pleasures of Instagram reels to wake and pump me up, but I've found that exercise does much better and in less time!
Ricardo Z.
I made part of the morning routine, part of a System, something that must automatically happen after I complete another part of the morning routine. That way I don't think about or talk myself out of it.