How do you keep yourself motivated to exercise?

Maggie Z.
That’s been my hardest tackle to be honest. However I’m getting better. I’ve found that creating a plan or following a plan to do something, helps as it keeps my vision of moving my body going. Knowing what exercise I’m going to do moves me towards it and also knowing how it will help me. Then putting my clothes out the night before and jumping into them on rising helps. Doing it earlier in the day gets it done and also looking forward to listening to my playlist and thinking of the happy mood and energized feeling after helps. Of course setting it as a habit and checking it off makes it all worth it 😍
Perry O.
remember why you started. or you can also watch or search for something related on ytube. sometimes just watching them make me wanna do it too 🙂
Gale O.
My partner and I made an effort to work out together, both for his health and weight loss journey and my own health. Doing someone with someone (even virtually!) may help keep you motivated.
Thaaniya A.
First, start off by writing the benefits of doing exercise. If you don’t feel like exercising one morning, look at your list and this will motivate you!
Lizzie W.
Everyone has a way that works best for them! It’s nice to try out a few different things that work for different people to see what really works for you and makes you feel great!

I have found that printing out an actual workout calendar or challenge is really helpful— after my workout, I cross the day off and it feels GREAT. I worked really hard and completed one of my goals for the day.

Find a workout plan that works best for YOU! If you don’t like running, try yoga. Don’t like yoga? Try HIIT. Like dancing? Do Zumba! There are a lot of different ways to get your exercise in, so even having a plan where it mixes everything up every day can be really helpful with keeping the routine in place.

Set a time amount and make it realistic! Try it out and see if it works! Is a 10 minute video realistic to stick to for a week? How about 3 weeks? Maybe going for a 20 minute walk every morning is more of your way to start a great habit.

Setting a new routine will take some trial and error, but remember that the error is NOT a failure— you just found a way that isn’t best for you, and that’s good information to have. Set realistic goals for yourself and stick to it!

Start today! Cross the day off and celebrate your victory 🙂 You can do it!

Alma Q.
I think the best way is to engrain a simple activity that you like in your routine. Then, exercising is just adding an extra 10 minutes to something you're already doing, and you're probably dressed correctly already. For me, it's stretching/yoga: i can start while I'm still half asleep but still enjoy it, and if I have enough energy I work out afterwards. For running, I like to post my runs: not because anyone needs to care, but because then I'm held accountable by my surroundings; you don't have to "play nice" and only do things you like when you like them: sometimes, for me, it's helpful to have someone hold you accountable
On your good days, you'll have enough energy to do them yourself. On your bad days, you'll have someone else push you!
Benjamin Z.
I don't tell myself off when I don’t keep a consecutive track of my exercises. If I miss a day or even a week I don’t tell myself that what I did was a waste but that what I did benefitted me at the time. It was better that I did some exercise than not doing anything at all and that helps me fall back into a habit without beating myself up for not keeping to it religiously.
V Jas O.
1. I exercise in the morning before I get lazy or busy later in the day.
2. I reward myself for exercising with a tasty protein shake.
3. I tell myself that my current body is a disgrace and that I want to achieve a body a could be proud of.
4. I have a partner who motivates me and for who I want to look good and not just for myself.
Maria M.
I follow the amazing videos on this app and then i do some push ups sit ups and running in place. And then i do some yoga and i use yhe amazing ones on this app! So ya thats what i do!
Katherine P.
I really struggle to motivate myself when it comes to exercise. Changing perspective has helped me the most. Instead of thinking exercise as this huge chore each day, I like to think of it as “oh, well, 20 minutes of cardio is around 6 songs on my music playlist, which really isn’t that much.” It also helps me to change my perspective on failure. Rather than being upset that I no longer have enough time to do a thorough workout because I procrastinated, I instead tell myself “well, I have a minute or two right now, why not walk up and down the stairs a few times. It’s not what I wanted to accomplish, but it’s better than giving up and doing nothing. As long as I do something, then I didn’t really fail, I just took it easy today and that okay to do.”