Does anyone do Yoga for the exercise habit in the morning routine?

Reuben N.
Yoga is a very good exercise to do in the morning as it stretches your body that has been stationary for a whole night and has several health benefits. However going for an all out yoga for about 30mins might be uncomfortable to people starting out, it can lessen the chances of sticking to the habit in the long term as motivation isn’t the same everyday. Instead focus on choosing a comfortable difficulty that still feels challenging but not to the point that you’re using every bit of your will power to do so, start very small like a 5min yoga and just incase you’re not motivated enough to do it, lessen it to 2mins. You may not make much progress but you’ve reinforced the habit to make it feel easy.

Martina U.
Ok here's my take on this. I think exercise here means anything that raises your heart rate and tests your limits of strength and endurance. Yoga is a softer more mediative approach aimed primarily at flexibility rather than health and fitness. Start with health and fitness and add yoga if you want.