What is your favorite thing about working out?

Pete H.
I have been working out for many years, long before starting this app. It has given me a sense of accomplishment, made me stronger, more confident, and has made me feel better about myself. I think my favorite thing about working out as the health benefits I get from it.
Freja C.
The feeling of accomplishment afterwards.
Wanting to make healthier choices through the rest of the day.
Feeling my muscles tighten and my waist tighten during a workout.
Feeling the slight pain the next day and knowing that I gave it my all.
Deborah F.
I only do what I am capable of doing so you are the only one that knows your body well enough, if you have a hard time running or jogging then walk, if you can't walk then get up from your chair and sit back down again do that a few times the key to exercise is move ment so move what ever body part you can move
Hannen R.
The fact that i did it. That's where I'm at right now . When i finish the exercise I'm happy i actually did it. I'm not so into the exercise I feel tired and I don't want to but I do it and I feel good for breaking bad habits and I'm reaching my goals regardless how uncomfortable that I am.
Alison Z.
My favourite thing is the rush of adrenaline I have after after it and the love of my body that happens after a few workouts.
Zack E.
While working out every morning, my whole body feels so alive because of the stretches and exercises. It makes me start my day without feeling lazy.
Elena N.
I don’t really like exceeding that much, but I love being outside in nature, walking. I also enjoy playing tennis and I hope I’ll discover more positive elements about exercising as I get deeper into it
Valentin S.
That my body works better. My joints and spine aren't as stiff and there is less back pain. I get 1 or 2 extra spoons for the day by doing so. My brain isn't as foggy. And the release of stress after is comforting.
Isabella S.
The way it makes me feel after. I feel energized, motivated, and attentive. And of course to improve my physicall appearance