How long did you take increasing the 8 minutes to 30 minutes (or longer)?

Yalin F.
I would recommend you stick with the 8 minutes until the day where it feels natural, easy and tempting to keep going. I think that time frame is different for everyone.

Rohit F.
It definitely takes time and patience but with patience and hard work comes the result. And believe me that journey is the best thing and once you achieve your goal you will be grateful that you took that first step.

Shanwow N.
I started finding workouts that were a little bit longer and would start subbing those in. Eventually I was at a full 30 minute workout!

Glen S.
Within a day! I'm really a go-getter when challenged. I guess that's carryover from my high school athletics and prior military experiences!✌

Brandon J.
I havent increased it yet. Im still in the beginning phase. I am in no rush. I have a whole lifetime, and small easy changes works. It is exactly how I lost 70 pounds. Will you risk making your change a permanent habit just to add a few minutes. Slower is better.

Marli Z.
It doesn't long. To me 8 minutes workout is nothing. I like to push myself to my limit. I do my workouts in sections which helps a lot for those who are just getting into exercise or thinks they don't have time for it. I use the workout guides on this app and another at homework which is also in this same format and the are both very flexible, easy and fun apps. You don't need equipments at all

Alex N.
I actually started with longer time based exercises rather than rep based exercises and worked slowly to increase the amount of reps I did in the specified time

Samantha S.
Truthfully I have been quite active for a while. I used to dance and now I just teach when I do a class it's not as active as I'd like. I now wanna increase my exercise but it's difficult sometimes I'm tired or I'd rather do something else. Now on isolation it helps to fill my time and keeps me busy. It helps that a dance teacher /physiotherapist is doing some workouts from home. Though I know what exercises I should do, how and when to do them it's still hard for me. I find it helps if I start my day with a workout because I don't keep putting it off by finding other things to do so I purposely wake up early for it. Being active sometimes helps me to keep motivated during the day and and gives me a sense of pride that I did it. One last thing that helps me feel motivated to do it is thinking of my end goal knowing that this one work out is a step towards my goal.

Florent Z.
Personally I don't ever do more that 8 minutes at a time, so I'd finish my 8 in the morning and then perform other workouts (via the app "Home Workout" which is superb) later in the day. I think it took me around 60 days to reach the combine workout duration of 30 minutes, but, of course, this should vary from person to person because of inside and outside factors, so the only advice I can really give is if you feel that you're ready to extend the extra minutes onto your exercise time then go for it, and you can always change it if it gets too much for you. Best wishes 🙂