How do you stay fit and motivated when your job is sedentary?

Azam N.
I can drink a cup of tea or coffee or doing simple exercises on the chair or play power nap with bird sounds in fabulous app and relax for 3minutes.
Antoinette B.
That is my dilemma, I am motivated to stay in my drivers chair by money but The motivation to get up and move and stay fit has been my problem to solve. I believe I found the answer with the app, I feel motivated and rewarded at the same time. The app ask for my commitment and I accepted and I feel really strongly about oaths and keeping promises, I never thought to make one to myself but always obligating my self to others for their improvement or enrichment or organizations but never to myself and that has been a revelation to me. At 44 finding that I did not realize keeping and making oaths to myself could have been a game changer in my teens and 20’s and 30’s . I’m glad I’ve found this tool for myself and I tend to keep my path to better myself and make myself better.
Matthieu Y.
When I worked a sedentary job, I made an effort to stand and move anytime I could. I would take the stairs up to the kitchen for lunch and coffee breaks. I would bring a reusable water bottle so I could go down the hall to fill it. I would take phone calls while standing, sending emails, etc. I also took the long way from the parking lot to my office! Little things add up!
Mat N.
Some ideas:
– get a stand up desk
– walk to work/take the stairs if possible
– find nearby gyms or fitness centres and workout during your lunch break/before/after hours
– work out on weekends
Hope this helps!
Crissy F.
I honestly cannot stay seated for long periods of time, unless what I'm doing is so interesting that I don't even pay attention to my surroundings. When I am aware of the fact that I am seated and will be seated for a long period of time doing something I might possibly find uninteresting but needs to be done, I try to make sure my area is light and comfortable. I'm very anxious when things are out of place so my work area has tk be tidy. I tryvto make sure I have everything I might need and also try not to take breaks to often or too long because then I'll loose focus and my task may not be finished or not be finished properly. I also like to have some light fun uplifting music playing in the background to keep me rocking. I take a walk in the room I'm in for atleast 2 minutes and do some stretching to keep my blood flowing and my body from aching.
Warith J.
Frequent breaks every few hours for a walk, or stretch does wonders. I am considering having a set lunch break and go walking for a half hour.
Jaci G.
Wake up early in the morning and have a good breaky, then go for a run/walk or a home exercise, then you would have energy for your job. You can also deliberately park/station yourself further away from a place you need to be to get your steps up.
Annie N.
I do stationary stuff at my desk, whatever small type of body weight work out I can do, i do. Especially when I don’t get a lunch break.
Faye N.
I don’t get motivated all the time. I just think that I should get this done before the day ends if I really want some progress in my life.
Silke G.
Take breaks, continue to break by a given amput of time to ypi van go for a walk or exercise and you are switching off a device
Kizzie S.
I have a stair thing i can walk on. Leaving the office would be ideal but there’s no actual place to walk around. I do chair exercises and stand to stretch. I love to do that more frequently, however.
Connor O.
i don’t always have motivation to do it. but here’s something i learned recently: if you don’t have discipline you won’t work and do what you want. so long story short discipline yourself. make sure you make yourself get up in the morning
Lea E.
You have to make time. Get up a little earlier and walk for 30 minutes before work. Also during lunch break if you can fit in even just 15 minutes is good. And evening for another 15-30. You will feel accomplished and begin to notice that you have more energy, sleep better, and feel healthier.
Bin E.
I think of my future often. Where I want to be most days. I remind myself that in order to make it their I must learn to discipline myself to achieve that goal. And some days it’s hard, but in that moment of nirvana, I know it will all be worth it. My life will know pain and hard, but I will become accustomed to all of it.
Amanda Y.
I find it helpful to be active before my day. Afterwards I sometimes can also participate in low barrier and enjoyable activities like walking with my partner or doing a short bike ride.
Luke U.
I make my health and well-being primary. Let everything you do revolve around workout. Do it first thing or make it your day’s mission.

Take short breaks to do some activation, some type of workout.

Solano F.
Even if you only have time to workout for a few minutes at a time take advantage and every chance you get instead of just chilling try to workout or stretch of u do it at different times in the day you can stay fit! Hope this helps!!
Weirdo C.
Find the little ways first. See what things you can do that can be considered exercise. Once we got those down and you need more, start with bigger and better things
Elya Y.
By doing the exercises of fabulous and cooking my healthy food every day. About the motivation it's hard to keep of you don't have a good supporting team. So be somewhere where appreciate your work
Kevin U.
You have to stand up every hour and walk just a bit to energized tour body and you have to take all the stairs you see and run into them
At start it may be difficult (especially if you have a heavy bag ) but if you do it every day it will quickly be easier