What are some good stretches for a sprained knee? Or even good exercises that burn calories but won’t injure my knee even further?

Beth Z.
Don’t do too much with it stretch a little but not a lot I have a torn meniscus and my knee doesn’t bend so it’s very hard. You just have to do light stretch’s and stuff and doing stretch’s will burn calories also if you cut back on some foods that are high in calories will do it too
Nafiseh Z.
I am not an expert but I had problems with my knee during stretches and excersice. Here is my experience: 1. First of all avoid all the kind of lunges! This move really put pressure on your knee and make it worse. 2. My physician told me do this exercise daily to strengthen my knee muscles and help my knee moves easier; sit on the chair and bring your knee up until it become parallel with floor, and keep it for like 20 or 30 sec and then 10 second rest and then continue. Do this for like 5 minute a day and you will see the improvement. Good luck:*