Where do you find inspiration or motivation?

Fen Sia B.
I find inspiration when I travel.

I find motivation when I have space to do my everyday routine calmly without stress or panic.

Acilino T.
Nature inspires me but my motivation comes from a moral obligation to be the best person I can be, and the better I am the better I feel.
Amy Q.
I find my inspiration /motivation when I'm by myself listening to my favorite music on my device, and it gives me this type of hyperness which wants me to do something extra like dancing or singing. I like to do things that I enjoy doing because I feel at ease when i do them. Me being comfortable with myself for a bit gives me motivation to do things that i want to do.
Sue G.
Music inspires me but I usually find it in talking to people who believe in me and want me to succeed. People who don’t really know or appreciate you will encourage you to stay mediocre and average.
Joel Z.
It may sound silly, but I have this simple mindset. Instead of saying "Ugh I have to go exercise now", I'm thinking "I deserve to have a healthy life and body" or "I'm strong enough to do this for me, because I deserve it". Similarly, instead of "I'm still so sleepyyy, why do I have to make breakfast?!" I'm more like "Take that, past self! That's for all the times you've complained of being unproductive and unenergised throughout the day!". So yeah, practice a positive mindset and remember why you're doing this, your original goal!
Martha F.
In myself when I just look into the mirror. I want to make my immune system to be strong enough and try to not to be so lazy.
Thea F.
I look at people that are more successful than I am. (No matter how far you go, there is always someone further) and I realize they were once where I was and it reminds me that to get there you have to be self motivated.
Joy J.
I find inspiration in my current health status. I find myself in a precarious position in regards to my health, and I wish to turn that around.
Diana N.
I read a lot of books by successful or influential people and that fires me up. I also use YouTube as a source of inspiration. Jocko Willink is a good example of a motivational YouTuber
Antoine C.
From my mother… I see her everyday working so hard just to keep me happy and being her child I just cannot let her down so easily
Brittany E.
There is no motivation until you understand what is good for your health and you must concern about it. You need to get a good lifestyle for longer and healthy life. It must comes from within.
Oscar T.
Personally, I have got some songs that I listen to. They inspire me a lot. Songs from Sena Dagadu( feathers). That’s the name of the album- feathers by Sena Dagadu
Susanna P.
In books, motivational quote apps that pop up on my phone throughout the day, checking off my to lists/goals, learning about others who have struggled and persevered, reflecting on all that I am grateful for, traveling the world to gain a different perspective…I could go on. Those are just a few.
Emin F.
When when I need motivation. I think about where my life could have gone but didn't. I think about being a better person for my wife and my kids. I think about people who have so much less then I do. I think about places or it's a struggle just two eat. I try to put things into perspective from a worldview. When I'm able to do that. I realize let some of my problems which seem so overwhelming and reality are insignificant when compared to the struggle and then many people's encounter everyday. Be it a patient just diagnosed with cancer and realizing his time on Earth is soon coming to an end or an impoverished Bangladeshi struggling to feed his FAMILY.
So I guess it's putting my life in perspective and being thankful for my health and my life that motivates me.
Elsa Y.
That is a good question it seems to come from many areas. Self healing and improvement and my numbers one and two so that I may spend more time chasing numbers three and four my grandsons. It has been a lifelong struggle to get my health back in order. And losing interest was my first defeat followed by self loathing for giving up! Those days are over! I only have this one shot and better a late start than not at all . So life and a better quality I guess would be my motivation. What is yours?
Romain Q.
I am inspired by my family. I did not grow up in a healthy situation, and I do not want to repeat the unhealthy behaviors I learned when I was younger. I want to keep growing for the rest of my life. I want to maintain my physical health, heal emotional wounds, learn new things.
Noah A.
My family and friends inspire and motivate me to be the best version of myself. Setting routines keeps me always looking forward to something, while achieving my short term goals
Soline C.
I see inspired by my friends who seem to have changed their lifestyle into a healthy and which makes me see that I'd realistic and achievable. I'm motivated to reach the end goal to look back and see how far I've come on this journey, which will give me a feeling on proudness.
Levi T.
Always look on Pinterest or Instagram. Many people are anti-social media, but what people post may inspire you. Search: Healthy Morning Routine, How to switch from coffee to lemon water, etc.
Alex E.
The happiness when I want to do something and once I complete that there is an amazing feeling there I feel fulfilled. It gives me enormous happiness. This feeling encourages me always and moreover, I am developing a good habit that is just like bang on the target
Misty E.
I like to be the motivation for other. Back in 2009 I was diagnosed with a Lymphoma, after 8 months of treatment everything was fine. What made me go further and fight until the end was my family and friends, and the desire to make them feel that I was fine. That lead them to look at me as aspirational, so I bring this energy to be that person that aspire the other. This bring me the motivation.