I always eat breakfast, but not always a good breakfast. How do I avoid taking the easy route for something easy but less healthy?

D Eneta N.
The best way is to enjoy your breakfast, make something you like to eat, that you look happy to make. Make your plate colorful, enjoy making your plate beautiful, pretend you serve it in the restaurant. Make a schedule, have breakfast every day at the same time, it takes couple od days to commit to that but when your body and mind get used to that, your body will ask for that. Avoid drinking coffee, drink water or a cup of tea, it helps your organizam more. To avoid the "lazy" breakfast just make something you will be happy to eat. Take care ❤️
Rodolfo Z.
I had the same issue with that delicious croissant on the way to work. The answer for me was finding something easy that I like just as much: a nice yoghurt bowl with blueberries, nuts and granola. After a while I started improving those too: I found a low-carb, high-protein granola that tastes like chocolate, and a low-fat greek yoghurt with lots of protein. It's amazing! And it actually takes me less time to prepare the bowl than to take the one block detour for the croissant.
Eug Nio Z.
I find that whenever I don’t feel motivated to make a healthy breakfast, I reach for an easier, less healthy option. Something that I’ve started doing is making these healthy options as easy as the less healthy one. Making breakfast in the evening to heat up in the morning, making sure I have fruits and veggies ready to go, and even overnight recipes have been wonderful for me! Of course, there are those days where you’ll slip up, but allow yourself some grace! Go get ‘em tiger!
Sydney C.
Make the healthy option easy. Like for example if it's easier to grab a muffin it's just as easy to grab an apple or a banana
Snehal Q.
Well there are many delicacies which are easy to make and healthy to eat at the same time one such recipe is a salad and well if you want more tasty and healthier recipes you can check it out on Google or YouTube
Ella F.
What I do it's that I prepare the most part of the breakfast the night before, something like leave cut fruit or boiled eggs
Reginald F.
Maybe if you do your breakfast before the next morning at night, also you need to know that having good health is best that make easy something important like breakfast.