I wake up in the morning, drink water, fold my bed sheets and all, then exercise, and then take a shower. So my question is that should I brush my teeth before or after exercise?

Sundas Z.
Definitely before. I go to the loo the first thing in the morning and brushing teeth is part of that. Then I come back to the room and drink water, set bedsheets and then I do yoga and then I take quick warm shower and then I take healthy breakfast. Then i get prepared for daily routine. This routine has helped me to get in shape and give myself a little time in busy days.
Deanna P.
When do you eat breakfast (if you do)? I would brush after that. Or, like I usually do, you can brush them while you’re in the shower. It’s hard for me to get myself to brush so I combined it with something I already do to help build the habit.
Marlene Z.
I usually exercise before I shower, and showering for me includes brushing my teeth. For me, I wouldn't want to break the focus, so once I'm out of the bed, I'll power through my workout and then brush my teeth after my relaxing shower.
Matthew Z.
I personally brush after, it's part of my shower routine. Teeth, face, shower. I find that streamlining my routines in the morning have made it more time effective. It has also given me extra time… Rather than use the extra time to have in bed, I continue to carry out my morning routine, then sit and think everything through, over a cup of coffee.
Nadya P.
I would say it depends on your schedule. If you eat breakfast after you shower brush your teeth after breakfast. If you are not a breakfast person or you eat some point before you workout then definitely shower after you workout from my experience brushing my teeth makes my mouth really dry sometimes and I hate working out with cotton mouth lol I guess for me brushing my teeth centers around when I first eat I always do it sometime after that
Juan X.
Before, after getting off the bed. You are washing off all the germs in your mouth. Of course after the breakfast you do it again.
Veselin O.
I would brush my teeth before the exercise. This will give my mind another cue that the day has started and I need all available energy. You also get the benefit of having a fresh breath during the exercise.
An Sia Q.
Whatever is easier for you! I don't like how my mouth feels before I brush my teeth so I always do that before I even drink water. That makes it easier to keep drinking water every morning. If showering after you exercise makes it easier to brush your teeth while you're in the bathroom already, then keep going!
Vivian F.
Feel free to brush your teeth whenever you like. Preferably, you should brush them after your meals. Working out can cause dryness in your oral cavity, but that's all. Nothing to worry about!
Clarence P.
Ok! so I think that u should brush your teeth before exercise, coz when u wake up u feel that u didn't brush, my mouth is feeling awkward so I advice u to brush before……….
Sherri F.
I like to brush my teeth after I eat my first meal of the day. That way I feel fresh for the rest of the day! If you eat your breakfast after your exercise, then brush after you exercise and eat 🙂
Toni Q.
Personally it’s easier in my routine to do it after my shower or when I first go to the bathroom. That way it’s like your already in the room so no extra trips
Myriam F.
Personal choice. I brush mine either before the shower or after. Generally I do it whenever I wash up. Makes sense to do it after exercise