What exercise is the best for getting energy and gaining focus afterwards?

Florence Z.
7 minute exercise scientifically design to hit all your body part accurately. I am enjoying this for last one year and it's very good.
Ol Via F.
Well, in my opinion, you should try meditation. It calms your body and gives you energy! (Also is great on focusing). A goo meditation is like a good well sleep!👍🏻
Julia O.
It depends on your body. Personally, I can't do anything crazy or strenght building if I don't want to take shower after. So my tip is finding mobility routines on youtube… They can have 10 minutes, which is ideal, the whole body is moving, loosenin up and strenghtening a bit as well, and at the same time it's not crazy flexibility training that requires warming up thoroughly etc.
Hans Ulrich R.
I like a quick, fat burning cardio session like spin, followed by some yoga/stretching. Kick starts your metabolism and clears your mind.
Gustav P.
I prefer to run. I feel it gets out anxiety and clears my head. I enjoy yoga, too, but I can only do short sessions because the pace is so much slower. If I wasnt sure, I would try different things to see what fits best because everyone may need something different
April W.
Anything that gets you up and moving. Each person has their own preferences and you have to find something that will get you out of bed in the morning, off the couch on Saturday afternoon, or whenever your difficult time is. I prefer to run or swim but no matter what it is, after doing something you'll return relaxed and more focused
Laura Y.
For me it's morning running. I after short distance running about 20minites I feel yourself more energetic the rest of the day
Colin P.
The exercises that brings you closer to a goal. For instance, if you want a six pack then sit ups and planks feels good. Or for me I want flexibility, so annything that warms my muscles really well feels awesome for stretching
Gregory U.
For me its mixing it up. I ll do some stretching for 2 minutes. After that, I'll do 20 push-ups, squats and maybe leg raises. The stretching will relax your body and prepare it for the exercises that will energize you.
Angelique T.
This is all about getting energy flowing, just a couple of stretches will help,give your body time to break and keep the blood flowing by stretches
Nio E.
So far, running for at least 1/2 mile has worked well for me. I found running fast is better for Improving focus afterwards.
Margaret Z.
Maybe this won’t help, but I really like to yoga. 🧘‍♀️
It isn’t too strenuous or stressful, but helps the body get somewhat active.
Hope this helps! 😊
Mariana B.
I think cardio based exercises give me the best boost, even though I feel drained, I do feel refreshed.

Planks, pushups, squats, etc. Great to start the day. Walking too!

Christoffer X.
I think biking is the best way in this situation. It's repetitive but it won't take as much energy as it gives. Hope it helps 😊
Larissa U.
Streching your arms legs and waist. Keep each limb streched and straight for 5 or 7 seconds before swiching to another one. Abs and waist exercises are good too.
Am Lie E.
I dance one song first with crazy and funny moves, than do yoga as long as I can (5-20min) and finally i tide up my room like ballerina.